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Friday, August 11, 2006
Every day is a Blessing..

I'm sorry I haven't posted, it's just been a whirlwind of emotions and non stop movement.
Jeff is home. It scares me a bit, since we are so far from the hospital.
The insurance companies give the hospitals such a hard time and people are sent home before they are recovered, it's really sad...
The bleeding in his brain, is slowing, which is very good.
Basically they said there is nothing else they can do unless it gets worse.
So I have to be on watch and get him back if there is any change in his behavior.
It is up to his body to heal itself before they can repair or know how much damage was done to the heart.
He has lost significant strength on his right side.
He needs to take it easy for the next 6 weeks at which time they are hoping to go in and do surgery.
Sleeping a lot and going for short walks is about all he can do.
Time heals all and life will be as it is suppose to be... or at least that is what I'm told:)
He celebrated his 54th birthday the other day for which we are both grateful for.

I'm sad that I'm not going to be able to teach in Arizona at Art Unraveled, but family must come first.
I'll miss the event, student and friends..
If you are taking my classes, you are in for a special surprize!!
John Whipple will be helping me out and teaching in my place.
If you are not familiar with the Whipples they are extraordinary people as well as artists.
Lynne and John very rarely teach, they are always busy making art, traveling & just enjoying life.
I'm proud to have them in my circle of friends and am blessed that they are willing to help me out on short notice.
This series of events has left me with so many lessons of life..
I'm so appreciative for every day, every moment..
and I'm appreciative for you..
Thanks for being here for me!!
Darling Girl! Thank goodness you posted--I've been checking constantly and sending mental well wishes. Love and kisses to you and Jeff.

Dearest Bernie,

I know if there was something you could do to lessen his burden you would...every
wife feels that way. But you are a GREAT COMFORT to him... I KNOW he is eased by your presence.

Sincerest Wishes for his speedy recovery!!!

-Tracie Lyn
I'm so glad to know Jeff is well enough to leave the hospital. That puppy is clearly working on healing his spirit, which has to help his body.

Continuing the good thoughts coming your way!
We will miss you at AU but you will be there with us in spirit! Plus, there's alwyas next year ;)
Take good care of Jeff AND yourself now. You both need lots of love and R & R.
If you need anything, please let us know!!
Bless your hearts! I am glad that Jeff is stable. I'm sure you are just so worn out - physically & emotionally. I have faith that all will work out for the best...It has to b/c ya'll are such fantastic loving people! Hang in there. You're both in my thoughts & prayers!
Hi Bernie,
It was so nice to hear from you! Thinking of you and sorry you and Jeff are going through this! xoxox
I really hope to get to see you in October. It would be great for you to take that time and meet up with friends! ;-)
Take care!!! xo
Bernie! I just heard about all this... I'm sending you a huge hug from Chicago.. and wishing you and Jeff good thoughts and speedy get well. You will be missed at AU...


Debbie Pine
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