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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Friends, Faith, Litter & Laundry...
Sorry to be so long in between posts..
Didn't mean to worry anyone.
I've just been going non stop and I dread going to the computer, for fear of all the e-mail waiting to be answered.
My husband is not doing so great. He is having some neurological problems due to his back and can barely walk.
He is tired most of the day and has numbness on the right side of his body. We're still waiting for the doctors to schedule his surgery, but they still are worried about the complications due to the hemmoragic stroke.
As much work as all the animals can be, it is a blessing having them. They always are so healing and appreciative of my husband. So if he has to sit he has plenty of company:)

Lately it has been a non stop caring for the animals. I've been working on getting everyone healthy.
We had kennel cough go thru our quarantine area. So most of our new dogs came down with it.
Everyone is recovering, but it is one of those things, that as much as you try, it just can't be avoided, when you take in rescues. They are so sick coming from the pound and so many people don't vaccinate their dogs prior to them getting there. Good news is that they soon they will be over it and revaccinated before they go to the humane societies up north.
Just to give you an idea of my days lately..
I've been going thru 140lbs of cat litter a week.
I've been using the pine pellets that they use for horse stables.
It works great, is cheaper than store bought litter, doesn't have cat pee odor, doesn't stick to the bottoms of the poor sick kittens when wet like the clay does and is environmentally friendly.
It also has been helping me to mulch down an area in the back, that in the next year or two will be a flower garden.

Example of my day:
6-8 a.m.
Get up let dogs out. Prepare their breakfast. Let dogs in. Feed everyone. Medicate. They stay in for an hour after eating to digest their food. Let everyone out, play ball for a half an hour. Special needs dogs we go for a walk around the property.
Next, on to the cats. Barn cats are let out for the day. Indoor kittens put out to their outside cage for play time.
Clean litterboxes, washes all dishes and refill food and water. All dishes are soaked for 20-30 minutes in HOT, HOT water and a soap/beach mixture in my laundry room. Just the tiniest amount of bleach, to disinfect since we are dealing with disease. I wash all dishes by hand, because, well with all the ickiness that comes with the sick dogs, I just don't want it in my personal food dishes...Eeew:) Dogs in for an hour or two if too hot outside. 6:00 p.m. dogs in for dinner. Dogs out for last potty. Dishes picked up, washed. Barn cats come in for the nite, it's pretty funny, they are all trained to come when called. Change litter for the nite. Medicine for the sick ones & then I get to shower and sleep....ZZzzzzzzzzz
This is just an example, since things change all the time, I have my husband now added to this and if there is tiny kittens they have to be fed every 2-4 hours, depending on how big they are..

I just want to say "THANK YOU" to my artist & animal friends who have blessed me with your friendships!!
Your donations, notes and ongoing emotional support, have helped me with a very financially/emotionally difficult month.
Without you, I just couldn't keep doing this, so please know you are loved and valued and will forever be in my heart..

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have
done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Bible - Hebrews 13:2
(((Hugs))) for you, Jeff & all those furry friends. Happy you posted even though I know you are so busy, but I too was getting a bit worried.

Hugs Jody
Wish I lived nearer, I could take a couple allergy pills and at least help you walk those special needs guys! love and prayers for YOU, Jeff, and all the critters, xoxoxox
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