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Saturday, August 12, 2006
It's been raining..

It's been raining quite a bit & I've been doing quite a bit of reflection lately...
Thinking about how fast life passes and each day. How cumulative life is..
My husband and I have been thru some of the hardest times, with his medical conditions, finances & worst of all depression.
I've always had Faith, Hope & Love and because of this I believe we have come thru the hardest of times.
I'm not sure why people don't talk about depression.
Or why they seem so shamed by the word. It is such a horrible disease that steals life and your loved ones from you.
We are all human and feeling deeply is a part of being human, be it elation or the darkest depths, embracing your feeling and getting support from someone who is supportive to help battle the depression demon is key.
Why am I writing this, I'm not sure..
Probably because I've been feeling my husband struggling again and also friends I care very deeply about..
If you are feeling sad, please know you are loved and you are not alone, never alone..
There are those of us that care & will ALWAYS be here for you...

Depression is a lonely thing, perhaps why those of us that suffer feel as though nobody could ever understand. I have suffered severe depression for a long time. I recently suffered a bad time of it as life is a constant struggle. I hope Jeff can find comfort in your love. Hang in there... Lisa F
I am one of those people who has suffered with depression for many years & there have been some bad times...hang in there. Hug your hubby & all those furry babies, they always give us so much love. I know I have a wonderful hubby, 3 cats & 1 Schnauzer...they are my life & world.
Big Hugs from a far away place in Wyoming
Yep! I'm fighting that monster(depression) right now Bernie! Your post gave me comfort somehow!Thank YOU!!! I fight it pretty good! soooooo don't be worried about me! You have enough to worry about! xo

Thank you soooooo much for this post. I too am fighting the "little blue blob" from the zoloft commercial....

peace and well wishes.

J from Canada
Thank you so much!
Thank you for being you. Much love.
Depression can be isolating for those who are going through depression and those who are supporting others.
I do feel for you and what both you and Jeff are going through.
You are both such special people and so loving to those in need.

Bless you.
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