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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Raining Cats & Dogs..
The dogs and cats in need keep coming in..
Even in the midst of my husbands health issues he is very supportive and doesn't want me to turn the pups away..
Supplies and money grow short these days due to the overwhelming numbers, but will manage one way or another, we always do:)
We have a great group of friends and fellow rescuers that all work together, so I do have help and support.
What one of us doesn't have the others will help provide and vice, versa..
We are blessed to have each other and the animal lovers that support us.
These Fuzzies are up for adoption:

"Bishop" is a Corgi, approximately 1-2 years of age. Housebroken and good with people and other dogs. Busy, busy, busy..

"Chauncey" is a Cocker Spaniel. Approximately 3-5 years of age. He has had a tough life, living outside, chained to a tree. Very loving and starved for attention. He is currently being treated for eye and ear infections.

"JoJo" is a Chihuahua/mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age, he is Super Spunky!! Can jump 4 feet into the air, loves to run, play & sit on your lap.

"Mr. Bigglesworth" is a terrier mix. Approximately 1-3 years of age. Sassy, Loving, Talkative and Busy, he is a very typical terrier.

"Giggles" is a female, terrier/mix. Approximately 1-3 years of age. Loving, Spunky and Busy.

"Pinky" is a female Chihuahua/mix. Approximately 1-3 years of age. Very shy and timid. She warms up quickly. All she wants in the world is to be close by someone's side.

"Norman" is a male Chihuahua/Corgi mix. Approximately 1-3 years of age. He is shy/timid, but loving and sweet.
Mister Bigglesworth, Giggles, Pinky & Norman came in together.
They were left in an abandoned yard for 4 weeks without food or water.
We'll fatten them up and get them healthy and some lucky person somewhere will have some wonderful furry kids!!
That's it for now, gotta run and tend to the pets!!
Bless your heart for all you do!

CorgiAid (http://corgiaid.org) can help with medical expenses for homeless Corgis, and there is an extensive Corgi rescue network with its own yahoogroup; let me know if you want me to ask there if anyone help with him. (vln@Umich.edu)

If Bishop's medical expenses will exceed his adoption fee, please apply to CorgiAid (he looks very Corgi to me in that shot -- as long as his legs aren't too long)....

You are so amazing ! I don't know how you do it all. I want all the new kids ! Keeping you and Jeff in my thoughts and prayers.
Bernie, I am always so touched when I read your blog. I'm so happy you two are home together again.
Tell me and everyone....where do the dogs get their names? I love em!
Peace and love dear girl!
That's what I was wondering Bernie! Do YOU and Jeff name those sweet critters??? They seem to fit them! O! I thought they looked very skinny! Phew! God Bless YOU and Jeff! I'm sorry to hear what you two are going thru! Lots of prayers are coming your way!!! xoxoxox
If I lived in the States then Chauncey would be coming home with me. Bug hugs to that little one!

Thank you for all that you do.
Bernie.... If I were to try to adopt the Corgi, how would I go about doing it? What are the costs involved?
I'm praying for all of you.

Bernie - you are such an incredible, and loving person.

Bless you for all you do for these poor animals.

Hope they can all find new homes.

Would adopt Norman and Pinky in a flash if I was in the US too.
Aww...look at all of these precious babies! How do you find the strength to part with them?? I would get SOOO attached! I just LOVE the names that you pick out for these guys...too cute!

Chauncey is just adorable, and the picture of Jo-Jo looks like he has a tear coming down his face as if he's saying "Please adopt me". And Giggles..perfect name to go with that picture. She actually looks like she is smiling!

But what can I say about Pinky and Norman? They have captured my heart!!

I've been thinking about you and Jeff so much, and really missed you at Art Unraveled -- but I'm glad you stayed home where you needed to be.

I understand that transporting the doggies out of state may be too much at this time -- but I'd still LOVE to adopt one...or two... I have a read soft spot for those Terriers!!!

Please email me if you can: shosh@hannahgrey.com

Big hugs,
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