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Sunday, August 13, 2006
I'm have just finished up my chores with the animals..
It's 12:26 a.m.
Long eventful day...
Jeff is not doing so well. He says every part of his body is in pain. He is losing strength on the right side of his body.
Walking is all he can do and he can't do much. He is very unstable on his feet. I can see a defeated look in his eyes, even though I tell him that this will pass. The 6 weeks before his surgery is going to feel like 6 years and I worry for him.
I'm grateful for the animals that keep him company, they seem to bring him great comfort.
I wish there were more I could do for him, but all I can do is be here....

Today I had to run into town. My neighbor came and sat with Jeff while I was gone..
I picked up Mr. Binky. He was confiscated due to abuse. He reminded me of an old blanket I had as a child.
Fuzzy and really worn...
Very young, he has hard miles on him. This little guy has lived on a chain all his life.
Never been groomed, he was a matted mess and starved for love.
As you can see in the pictures, it's amazing what just a few hours & a hair cut can do..

O! Yes! Look at Mr. Binky now! He has been blessed and pampered and hugged by sweet Bernie! Bow-WOW! What a lucky day he had! Look at the transformation! He does remind you of an old favorite blankie in the Before pic! He is a cutie! How is Henry, did he go to another place? Prayers and Love for YOU and Jeff nighty night and sweet dreams, try to get some rest Bernie xo
A few hours, a haircut, and, most critically, the presence of Bernie Berlin. Works magic on the furry ones.

Sending health and strength vibes your way!

-- Vicki in Michigan
Thoughts & prayers are coming your way for Jeff, you & the furry kids. That little Binky is blessed as he found Bernie.
Hugs JoTee
Mr. Binky, I am in love with you.
Hi Bernie
Sending lots of love and prayers to you and Jeff!!
Mr Binky is so freakin' adorable!!!
I hope that you are also trying to get the care & rest that you need right now, as well...
You are just an absolutely wonderful person. I am a huge animal lover and have 4 of my own that I've rescued. I admire your drive and your love for the animals, despite the difficult time you and your husband are going through. If there's a Heaven, you will most certainly be there. Thank you for all you do for the furry little creates on this planet.

I hope your sweet husband is feeling a little better today. That little dog is so lucky to have found your husband and you to love.
Hi Bernie & Jeff:

We were really sorry to hear the news about Jeff's physical troubles. Our hearts go out to both of you during this difficult time. Please know that you are in our prayers and we wish Jeff a speedy and successful recovery. We also pray that you are given the strength Bernie to deal with the hardships that come with this situation. Your dogs are adorable and that does not surprise us. Obviously the passion continues and good for both of you for fighting that honorable fight. We will keep ourselves updated thru your website. If you would like to send any message back you can send it to robertssquinlan@ hotmail.com. Again, all our best to you both. Believing is more than half the battle. GOD Bless. Robert, Kim, Hannah and Ella (she's new) Quinlan - can't forget about Aristotle and Alexander too, our beautiful toy poodles.
Oh, the poor thing!!! He looks like he 's feeling so much better, now:)
I have been away on vacation for 2 weeks and am finally getting caught up on my blogging. I am so sorry to hear that Jeff is still not doing well. I will certainly keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Mr.Binky is an absolute doll! I look at these precious animals and wonder how people can be so cruel. I have already decided that when my older Beagle passes on, I will contact you for a replacement. If I could house all of these animals now, I would. Give them all a big hug for me!!
I miss you! Hope everything is OK! Can't wait to catch up when I get home.
Hello again... Okay, I am in LOVE with Mr. Binky -- and yes, he does look like my childhood "blankie" (that I even took to college -- LOL).

You guys hang in there.

I hadn't visited your site for awhile and just wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing for these animals is a wonderful thing. Hope to be able to send you some supplies soon. Postive thoughts coming your husbands way regarding his health. Thank you for what you do.
Thinking about you all.
Love and prayers coming your way Bernie! How are YOU and Jeff and all the furries doing??? xo
The incredible soul-strength it takes to do what you do! As an animal lover, it breaks my heart to think of how many suffer, but it is comforting and inspiring to know there are people like you making a difference.
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