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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Updates & A Note from Me..
I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, to everyone!!
For all the wonderful, supportive e-mails, phone calls and prayers sent...
You all keep me strong!!
The prayers have worked..
I was told it would be a miracle if he made it thru the nite & he did.
I believe in miracle every day of my life and this just makes my beliefs that much stronger.

The events of the days past, beginning last Wednesday have been...
Jeff was outside and came in, holding his chest, having a hard time walking and sweating.
I thought he was having some heat stroke, it's been pretty hot here, he then started to throw up.
I got him in the car and raced to the E.R. as fast as my car could go. It is about a half an hour drive to our rural emergency room. They took very good care of him and proceeded to give him a clot dissolving drug to save his life. The risk to this drug is a one to two percent chance of having internal bleeding anywhere in the body if there is a pre existing weakness in the vessels. Jeff was in that very small percentage. He had a bleed in his brain. They are still trying to stop the bleeding, but the problem becomes, if they were to give him anything to make him clot, his heart would be affected. It they give him any drug for his heart to thin the blood, then his brain may die. He is awake and alert. Very tired and weak.
It the pressure and blood in his head does not go down they will have to make a hole to relieve the pressure.
I brought his best little buddy to see him and that cheered his spirits:)

They say that bad things happen in threes. I think were done then...
My dog died exactly one month from Jeff's heart attack and than this...
Jeff's kids flew in to see him, on a moments notice when they found out he had had the heart attack.
Unfortunately their trip was not the best.
They borrowed our other car to get to and from the hospital since we live so far away.
It's about an hour drive to where he is being treated. That night they were in an accident. The car was totaled.
Thank God they made it out alive..
Again, miracles, every day!!
I am so thankful that nothing happened to them..
It wasn't their fault, the guy lost control of his car as he was going to fast and the car hit the girls about 45 mph head on into the drivers door. He also then got out of his car, left it and took off running.
The girls were shaken and are very sore, but are fine. They went back home yesterday.
They are very special kids and Jeff & I love them very much.

I'm really sad as I was to leave in another week to teach at Art Unraveled.
It is one of my most favorite events & I was looking forward to taking some time for me and teaching...
But I just don't have a good feeling about leaving and truly can't at this point.
I have two sold out classes and if any of you are reading that are attending, please accept my apology.
I just can't leave my husband at this point. His condition is touch and go. He is stable for the moment, but not out of the woods yet. After they get the bleeding in his head under control, in 4 weeks they will go in to find out what they have to do to fix his heart. They can't do anything till they fix his head. They do know that there was damage done from the tests they have run. They did a test on his enzyme levels when he first was admitted. In a healthy heart the enzyme level is .08 his were at 278. So there was some very serious damage done. It's all going to be a day by day waiting game.
Please keep him in your prayers, it's going to be a long month.

After I finish writing this I will be taking half of the dogs here to the boarding kennel, my running back and forth is not fair to the dogs and I need some help. It's been a very draining week..
I'm usually pretty stubborn accepting help, but I want what's best for them..
Ten of them will be going to the Hairy Moose and they just do the best job ever for the pets!!

I LOVE you all and feel so very Blessed to be part of such an animal and art loving community.
You give me strength and I Thank YOU for being the Loving people you are...
My friends:)
Blessing and Light to you ALL!!
I'll check in when I can...

P.S. Claudine Thanks for always looking after me:)
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time-here's hoping for more miracles.

you and jeff continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Loved the photo of Mac sitting on Jeff's chest. Good for you for getting the hospital to allow him in! The healing energy of animals is not to be underestimated!


So good to hear from you and the good news about Jeff. You both will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I wish I live nearby and I could help with the dogs and cats.

How great that you brought the cutest dog I have ever seen to visit Jeff. All hospitals should be so wonderful to let animals visit their people. Take care of yourself...may miracles continue.
So glad to get an update! Here's hoping that the weekend only bring good news!
My thoughts and prayers have been with you and Jeff and will continue to be.

I am sure that everyone will understand your not going to Artunraveled. You definitely need to stay where you are for both you and Jeff.

Please contact me if I can do anything for you. I am glad that the girls are okey. What a bummer.

Thank you for the update. I just cannot believe how much God has thrown at you!... Remember he never gives us more than we can handle. Ugh, with that said, words cannot express,,,, I am so sorry for you and pray for all envolved. I believe in miracles and your husband proves that.

I wish I wan't so far away, I'd be there in a heartbeat to help with the animals.

Prayers coming your way,,,, be strong.


Healthy and healing wishes coming your way. You and Jeff are in our prayers. Wonderful news that the girls were safe!
hugs to you
Oh My dearest Belinda I am just in shock had no idea that all this has happened and I am so sorry for all the hardships you have had to face and I am so thankful that Jeff is hopefully on a strong road to recovery and that little Mac could be with him and that the girls are ok and were able to come as well!!! I will of course keep you all in my prayers and believe in the miracle of God watching and being there to care for you and Jeff and the girls!!! please be well and take care of yourself so that Jeff will have you there too don't wear yourself too thin and I know that everyone at Art Unraveled will of course understand!! take care and be safe and well!!!Love Linda
I am so glad to hear that Jeff is stable at this point. I cannot imagine how stressful all of this has been on you, Bernie. And to have his children involved in an accident...Yikes! Glad to hear they are ok. Take care of yourselves.
My dear Bernie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jeff. Please give me a call if I can help you in any way. I am very serious, I'm not that far away. I hope things start getting better soon. Keep thinking good thoughts. Love a big hug.

Still sending along tons of white light...I am so sorry you are going through all fo this.

I absolutely adore the pooch pic on Jeff's chest. Hope he feels better soon!

Huge, heartfelt hugs,

bernie - saying prayers for you and jeff and the whole family. i think you've had enough tragedy for a lifetime girl so here's hoping for continued good news and recovery and peace of mind and restful sleep and all the blessings that YOU deserve.
OMG bernie! i can't believe it. i am sad that you will miss AU, but i think we all understand that you need to be with jeff.

sending you guys lots of love and hugs,
Hi Bernie!
OMG! I can't believe all these things has happen to you. I will keep sending you good vibes and will keep praying for you and your family.
I love the adorable picture of Mac with Jeff.
Lots of hugs,

Jeff is in our prayers for a miraculous healing from above and you are in our prayers for strength, peace and faith, amen sister!

Stacey Dean
You will be in our thoughts. Just know we are with you all in spirit. You are an amazing person Bernie and your beautiful light touches all around you.
I am POSITIVE Jeff feels very comforted having you by his side.

Take Care!
Thoughts and prayers for Jeff's safe and speedy recovery.
love marie & rick
I don't know how you do it but keep up the positive attitude ... it will serve you well. I see Dr Mac is doing his job, too. Best wishes and thoughts are sent up for both of you.

{{{}}} Tina =^..^=
Hi Bernie,
Feel free to call anytime you need to talk. I wish I could be there to help you out. In the meantime my prayers continue for you and Jeff. I admire your strength.
I have been thinking about you. I wish I could give you a huge hug. I am so sorry you are going through all of this!~ XOXOX Please take care and know I will be Keeping you and Jeff in my thoughts!
I am so distressed to hear all of this, Bernie! Please know that you are in my thoughts. After losing my Dad last month, I truly know the fear and worry that you are feeling right now. I pray Jeff will recuperate, am glad his daughters are ok after the accident, and confident that all your doggies will be fine.Don't worry about your classes - people will certainly understand. Take care.

Bernie, I just found your website through Claudine's and would like to send my healing thoughts and positive energy to you and your husband. I'm so glad that he's feeling better and has the love of a pooch, not to mention family, to help him on his way back to good health.
Don't forget to take care of yourself too.
Bernie, I just found your website through Claudine's and would like to send my healing thoughts and positive energy to you and your husband. I'm so glad that he's feeling better and has the love of a pooch, not to mention family, to help him on his way back to good health.
Don't forget to take care of yourself too.
I am one of your students at AU, and I will miss you..but I would not leave my husband either! We all understand and all our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!
~Dawn Binyon
OMG, Bernie...I am presently on vacation and just read the posting about Jeff. I am so, so sorry to hear this, and will certainly keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you've been through enough this year, and let's hope that things will take a turn and the rest of the year will be positive and rewarding for you.
i see mac is doing the hands on healing thing to jeff...i wonder if it will work. ;o) mac does seem to be a therapy dog...
i wonder if it would be possible for you to someday get a caretaker kind of person, fulltime for your place...think of all the worry that would relieve!
hugs to you both!
Bernie, I'm so sorry. I just heard today through Linda at AU.

Dear Lord. I lift up Jeff and Bernie to you today. I pray for healing and strength and your guidance on all the medical professionals working with Jeff.

My heart goes out to you Bernie. With all you do, it's time to tap that big old Karma bank and make a quick withdrawl. Get Jeff well. Get you help. Give you a rest. and get you back out teaching. As with others, thoughts and prayers to your both. Here's to better times in the near near near future. Cheers!
Sending good thoughts your way!
Oh my gosh! I hadn't stopped by in a few days and was stunned to read your post! I am so sorry all this has been heaped upon you (but so happy that everyone is making it through!). You, Jeff and your family (two-legged and otherwise) are in our prayers! Hang in there!
thinking of you,dear... I just heard of what happened...
my thoughts and prayers are with you both.I too believe in three's and I praye it will be smooth sailing for both of you in the immediate future.
You and Jeff are in my heart and in my prayers.
You haven't posted in a few days, but I hope that all is well and that you are just busy keeping up with it all.

Thoughts and prayers still with you and Jeff (and all the furry ones)
I am praying for you and Jeff, Bernie. I just found out. We all feel like family out here in net land and wish you all the best healing.
Hugs and comfort,
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