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Thursday, September 07, 2006
A change of plans..
I've had to make a change in plans for this transport this weekend..
Jeff has had several falls yesterday and today.
He's not feeling right and I just can't leave him. I've had a friend come to my aid and to the aid of the animals..
Pam and Kyle run a transport service that shuttles animals from rescues to new homes.
So if anyone out there is on the East Coast and wants to adopt from me, they are always going that way:)
She will be taking my animals to Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago for me, so that they can get on to new homes and that I can focus on caring for my husband. Even though I've only been here in Tennessee for less than a year I have made some really wonderful animal loving friends and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Pam!!
The falls have shaken Jeff up quite a bit, but he now has company to remind him to walk slowly.

Jeff's new friend is a shoulder sitter. He was found in Shoney's parking lot under a car & brought to my vet. Approximately 6-8 weeks of age, he is a Buff colored Manx. No tail & so cute!! He sits on shoulders and everytime he is put down, he crawls right back up.

We're still waiting for the new pups to arrive. I took Pinky to the vet yesterday. I was very worried that she is too big and the pups may need to be taken by C-section. We took x-rays and saw 5 little ones. She is such a sweetie, so much sadness in her eyes for being so young. She just loves to be held and crawls in your lap every chance she gets..
She'll be looking for a forever home in about 2 months..
(((Hint))) (((hint))) my artist friends:)

I'm out the door to get kittens ready to bring to Petsmart thanks to Nashville Cat Rescue!!!
I"ll check in later..
I'm so sorry to hear about Jeff's falls. I hope that things improve for both of you. I am so in love with Pinky. Those eyes!
how wonderful to have a shoulder sitter. Looks like Jeff likes her a lot. Happy that you have Pam and Kyle to take the animals for you. It will be better for you, Jeff and Pinkie that you are there. Special thoughts and healing wishes being sent to all of you.
it is so wonderful to see Jeff smile! and keep us in the know about pinky...
Hey honey!
Sending you HUGER than I can say amounts of love - will send art for the auction soon.
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