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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Getting ready to leave..

I'll be getting ready to leave for next weekends transport to Chicago.
So I'll be out of touch for the next couple of weeks.
All the dogs will have to go to the vet for health certificates, so I'll be busy with that and not on the computer.
It looks like we'll be taking about 20+ dogs.
This transport will be sponsored by Nancy Connelly.
Her financial help with the vaccines, gas and money for vet bills has been amazing!! Thank you so much!!
Claudine has sponsored 20 of the kittens here to be fixed, 4 done 16 to go....
I am also working on a Thank you/sponsor page to thank everyone else who has been so good to the animals here.
Every little bit helps and makes a difference for the animals, you all have helped so many over the years, be proud of what you have helped me accomplish!!!
I am trying to catch up with computer things and the Artist Unleashed Auction, so please bear with me.

Jeff News: Jeff is getting better!!!
I'm sure so much has to do with all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers sent his way...
Again, Thank you All!!!
The bleeding in his head has stopped, but he is still a long way from full recovery, but is almost ready for them to start working on his heart issues. We're just waiting for them to schedule his surgery, 2-4 weeks more.
Positive thoughts and Hope for tomorrow is what I hang on too...

I have been blessed to have the support of the Zoline Foundation.
We have been talking in depth about future plans and I would like to ask you all a question.
If a Rescue Ranch were built..
It would be a place of beauty and art on a big scale.
A place of refuge & sanctuary for the animals..
We would have art weekends and various retreats..
Such as: Art, Women's weekends and possibly mind, body, spirit, meditation/yoga weekends, something for everyone..
Also thinking about having some rescued horses..
Many acres, in a beautiful place..
Not sure where at this point, my friend is trying to convince me to come to Oregon, but it could be Tennessee or someplace else..

Would you come?? I would Love to hear your thoughts..
The art retreats and weekends would help support our efforts for the animals and this way I would be able to hire help and continue with my love of art:)
Sometimes dreams can come true if you believe..
Blessings and Light to you all...
I'm in, sugar!
I would/will definitely be there. Hopefully in Tennessee. What more to ask for than friends, art, animals and open spaces.
I would be there in a second!!!

Oregon, Please, Oregon!!! All of us Californians and west coast artists would be very close by to Oregon. I know I'm being kinda selfish but Oregon is truely green and beautiful and it's a very artsy cool place! I want to go to a retreat there in the trees or near the ocean!

You guys are always in my prayers! Stacey Dean
Hi Bernie,
I think a ranch would be a fabulous idea. I would love to come for an art retreat as well as volunteering some time with the animals. I live in Toronto and I'm so moved here reading your animal stories, both the good and the tragic. How can you be doing this on your own without a break? You need to add the art aspect to the equation for your own self rescue.
So glad to hear that Jeff is coming along. My best wishes in all areas of your life! Sharon
More prayers your way. Good luck on the long journey.

soooo glad to hear jeff is doing better! that is wonderful news!

if i could afford it, i'd come to your art camp in TN, but OR is very easy for me to get to as i'm in CA. never been to TN, but i can say that OR is absolutely beautiful, great weather, nice people...

good luck on your trip -- will be thinking of you!


I would love to come
Elizabeth from Canada
Oh, I'd come in a flash. Tenn. is close to me and animals, art, green space & a pile of creative people sounds like heaven. Yes, do it!
Karen in Kissimmee, Florida
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