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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Home again..
Jeff is back home. His mini stroke scared us all..
He's tired, but happy to be home. He sat on the lawn this morning, greeted by his little friends.
The animals heal & comfort him and make him smile.
Actually, they do it for both of us:)

One more load of dogs to go up north and we'll have be taking some down time, for us to recharge, organize the art auction, apply for some grants, plan for the future building of the shelter and believe it or not, I'm going get some help:)
With Jeff's health, I need to focus on him. He is most important at this point.
But he is stubborn, always being supportive of the rescue and even though he is so sick, he still wants us to continue.
I've been slowly learning my limitations and everything considered, we need to slow down, focus & plan..
& sleep would be nice... (((giggles)))
I've come to a point in my life to release my control and accept help that is being offered. I've had offers from many animal lovers everywhere and in time I know we will do some great things. We just have to be patient and plan..
I have already started receiving art for the auction and will be posting it, as soon as I can get it photographed.
I'm ever so grateful & just floored by the art!!! It's truly amazing!!!

These guys are new..
I have not gone to animal control lately, but 6 BIG pups showed up at my house the other day.
These guys are very sweet, loving and very BIG. So they will be on my next transport as well.
It just breaks my heart around here, the number of sweet lives that may cease to exist if not rescued. I did make the man promise to bring me his dog so that I could have it fixed, if I took them in..

This is Cleo who Jeff has renamed to Sophia or Sophie for short. She gave birth the other day to 6 pups and will be looking for a forever home as soon as he pups are weaned. She is sweet, shy but slowly coming out of her shell. On the smaller side she won't be more than 40 pounds when she gains the proper weight. Approximately 1-3 years of age.

Our kittens that went to PetSmart last week, care of Nashville Cat Rescue were adopted this last weekend!!
YEAH!! And actually two were adopted together. I took this picture of "Doc" at Petsmart by their poster.
Too funny, the other cat is just printed on the poster. He was named Doc because when the kittens were sick, he would always be the only one who would run to the front of the cage and happily eat his medicine.

These guys just were fixed and are ready to go up for adoption once their incisions heal. Then off to Petsmart...
As you can tell they are not too happy with their newly acquired hats.

Pinky has still not given birth, she looks like she's going to pop... I'm probably going to take my worrisome self, to the vet with her today..
I'll check in later and THANK YOU All so very much for all your comments and support!!!
It means more than you'll ever know.
Such good news that Jeff is home and that you are going to "slow down" and "accept help". Know that healing thoughts and prayers are being sent daily.

Excited about seeing the art for the auction. I cannot wait to see how many items you receive...
peace and love
Wauw, you are doing such a great job!

As my doggie came home last week I'm going to donate you some money at the beginning of October as my paycheck comes in. I was thinking about $150, I hope that helps you out. Oh, and no way you can talk me out of this, I've been wanting to do this for ages as I can't do much more right now.

I would do some art, but I'm not famous or anything. I can spin up some yarn if you are interested.

I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for Jeff, I hope things will get better for him!

Hi Bernie!
I'm so glad to hear Jeff is home and healing. I'm sending good vibes your way always. And I'll keep praying for a fast recovery for Jeff. Try to get some rest.
Am so happy to hear that Jeff is back home & that all of those furry kids are making you two smile :-0)

I hope to pop some art in the mail to you this week for the auction.

Also have to give you a very large thank you for directing me to look at the links for cat food. My 10 year old Sam has food allergies, but he can eat Natural California catfood... so the rest of the kids are now eating the same food. After many years of trying different foods, Iams being the last one...we are now able to say that Sam doesn't vomit.

So big hugs & many thank you's for being there....hugs Jody in Wyoming soon to be New Mexico.

Glad to hear that things are ok!!!
I love the photo of Jeff and "his friends"!! They all look happy that "Daddy" is home!
Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts!!
PS My 9 year old son, Tristan, loves reading over my shoulder and looking at the photos-so thanks. I'm hoping that by starting him young on how to treat animals (and obviously people) that this will stay with him his whole life..he's already a vegetarian (actually, he's a vegetarian that doesn't eat vegetables LOL).
wonderful to see the gentle giant surrounding by his noble furbabies...he is a lucky guy to be surrounded by so much love and lots of love through the internet also..
take care~
So glad that Jeff is home. Be sure to take care of yourself which I know is hard to do with everyone wanting you attention.

Love the kittens
Sandy in Ripon
I was looking up another artist's web site on your blog and see this. Jeff - glad to see your home and doing better. Scary! Your in our thoughts and prayers.
Love to both of you from Mark, Kim, & all the critters.
yay so glad the PetsMart kitties got adopted! Relieved that Jeff is a little better too! that is one HUGE kitty with him on the grass.

It is so relieving to have someone you love back home from the hospital..
we went through this last year..
I wish you best of all..and a fast healing for your husband.. love
Sending all sorts of healing thoughts for Jeff. I feel there is nothing better than loving animals and I love that picture of him with all the kids. Doesn't get much better than that. I linked you up over on my blog, thanks so much for linking me. Even though we've never met, I feel such an affinity.
Hey girlie,
I was in Oklahoma when you called, and so sad to hear about Jeff :( I'm glad he is home and feeling better. ALSO very glad to hear you two plan on taking a little time off (knowing you this won't happen :D).

talk to you soon
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