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Friday, September 01, 2006
New Designs
Lately I've been burning the candle at both ends.
Caring for the animals & Jeff full time has pushed my, articles for the magazines, writing and artwork to the back burner.
I also have my art auction coming up in November and have been putting off the call for art for sometime, just because I haven't had the time to write it. Writing takes time and is hard believe it or not..
In the Winter issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, is a two page article about the art auction, please take a look at the magazine it is a great publication!!

After this post I will get the call up tonite, I know many of you have been waiting.
I also have to get my animals ready for transport in a week or so.
Health Certificates always take time & there is always much to do..
Most of them will be going to the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago and then off to new lives.
After that I have to take a break and focus on Jeff's recovery.
It's been really hard doing double duty lately.

I still haven't figured out this blogger..
Anyone know how to answer comments??
I'm not the best at the computer, though I try:)

Here a few of my new designs for my Cafe Press Store:

how do we find your cafepress items?

thanks for all of the wonderful work you do.
Bernie, good to read that you are going to take a bit of break and concentrate on Jeff and yourself.

Be kind to yourself. How much you do to help the animals is beyond words. Do not beat yourself up. You will be no help to the animals if you don't take care of yourself too.

Bernie, in your templates section you can set comments to also be emailed to you. This will allow you to reply through email to comments if the person who commented left their email address when they signed in. I'm also interested in finding your Cafe Press items! Good luck w/the auction & all your other duties. I'm sure you are exhausted, but hang in there.
Bernie, I've been always admiring what you do and I always whished I had the time and money to jump on an airplane and give you a hand and some money. If we had the possibilities I would do similar things, but apart from the 4 cats we have and the occasional litter I try to relocate I'm not really able to do much right now (I would love to start a horse resque one day).

Yesterday, my sweet 2 year old doggie (you can see her on my blog) dissapeared. I was at work after having been home for 7 months spending all my time with her, and I keep hoping she missed me, went out to look for me and got lost. But the biggest possibiltity is that someone picked her up and took her, to breed with her or something like that.

She was the most perfect personality you could have. She could teach dogs, but she was also the perfect companion for someone ill, no matter what illness. She was the only straw I had.

I know you are having a lot more on your plate and I think of you every day when I start going through my blog. I'm miles away (in Belgium) but I just hope some of you can pass good thoughts on to me.

The last 2 years I finally started to realize what a dog (and a cat and a horse) can mean to someone, and I just can't stand it right now. If she would have died I would have been able to say goodbye, but now she's just gone ...

Hope you keep it up, and as soon as I'm up to it (and have the money from my new job) you can expect a big donation for sure.

love ...
I believe Bernie if you want to post a reply to a comment, you click that persons name in blue...not sure but I think so.
I just had to tell you this story. We have been feeding a cat, for the past 2 weeks, really pretty but very thin. Well yesterday hubby & I took the cat to the vet to have her checked over, & I said I think it is a girl because I don't see any plums, etc. The lady in the office just cracked up when I said that...Even named her Sugar Plum...well when they called to come pick the cat up, she said she is a he & he doesn't need to be spayed!!

So my hubby said we can now call him *Sugar Ray* & I said *Sugar Reye* because he is such a beam of light!!

Chuckle chuckle
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