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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
I want to say Thank you to so many, for so much!!!!
Your kind words, pledges to send art for the auction and constant support make me so grateful and feeling very blessed.
I have a good feeling about the auction and hope to have a building up and running by Spring/Summer of next year.
Help spread the word about the auction via your blogs & friends. I'm also thinking about doing a Fat book of original art.
So if anyone is up for making a page, send it on in..

Today was a constant buzz..
Ran dogs and cat in for health certificates. I'll be doing this every day this week till Friday. We'll be leaving Saturday and back on Monday. Then I'll get another load ready and do the same the weekend of the 15th. ((my Birthday Weekend))
In my forties.. EEEKK!!
Claudine's new kitten Stanley had his check up and health certificate done. He'll be leaving for Atlanta tomorrow and she'll pick him up on Saturday.
Here's a picture of him with my vet..
Yes, my vet thinks I'm weird for wanting a picture of him with Stanley, he's a good sport!!

I figured Claudine would want it for Stan's baby book:)

Currently we have 3 pregnant dogs here...
Not something I do everyday.
Two of them, I didn't know were pregnant, when they came in because they were so emaciated.
I thought they were just gaining weight, because they were eating so well. Foolish me..
Their poor little bodies, went a full month without proper nutrition, because their owners left them outside with no food or water for a month. The neighbors were giving them somethings, but needless to say they were confiscated.
I didn't get them fixed right away, because I wanted them to gain some weight & get healthy before the surgery.
Now it'll be over 2 months before we'll be able to do the surgery. Till then, we'll just have to enjoy watching the pups grow...
These are the moms...
Giggles had her pups today. 5 little ones.

Pinky is due at any moment.. Hence the me up to all hours..

Cleo is also due at any moment, I picked her up today, she was scheduled to be put down...
That thought just haunts me, with one injection all life ends at that very moment..
She is so afraid of everything. I'm not sure what her story is, she was a stray, very matted and skinny for how far along she is...

This is Noah. He is a 13 year old Shi tzu. Noah's parent's couldn't keep him due to life changes. He has Cushings disease and a big tumor that need to be removed. Special needs dogs are so hard to find forever homes for. They are expensive, but the fact of the matter is, we'll always be in debt one way or another.
So why not spend your money on something worthwhile.
Life is worth every penny!!!
Noah sleeps alot, is amazingly housebroken and is really no bother.
If I can't find anyone to adopt him, he'll just live his life out here..
He's such a sweet boy!!

That's it for now..
I'm off to bed..
awww baby Stanley here I come!!

Look at all those baby puppies and Noah is a sweetie.

You do such good work Bernie!
Your posts never fail to amaze & move me, Bernie. I can't believe that you are still going strong & taking care of all these wonderful animals. I wish I could take them all in myself. Seeing their little faces & soulful eyes just makes me cry every time. Keep up the terrific work!
Cleo's face really got to me. So poignant. Then the golden retriever...oh how I love them. They all need love so much. I don't know how you do it all and art and care for Jeff. I certainly hope he is progressing well and getting stronger every day. Sending healing thoughts and energy your way!
Bernie -

count me in for the auction too. I will mention it on my blog too. I am amazed by all you do. It puts me to shame. Love to all the creatures, especially Noah. I love special needs animals.
OH my goodness!!!
Honestly.. I just dont know how you do it all! You are one special person to see this kind of horrible acts of humans day in and day out!!!
You are a miracle worker Bernie!!!

Paul and I love Stanley so much! We are so excited to have him home!
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