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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
The little darlings..

I wish I could slow my days down..
I'm a bit worried about the pups I brought in, they are so scared and don't seem quite right.
Very sleepy and not as rowdy as most puppies are.
I'm hoping a few days of good food, lots of love and medical treatment will be the remedy.
Loaded with lots of parasites.. Eeeww:( They've been dewormed and we'll keep deworming for a total of 3 days.
They had fleas so bad that they have big scabs from scratching so much.
We'll take good care of them and then when they are healthy, they will be going to the Humane Society in Chicago and be put up for adoption.
Here are some cute pics..

Here are more of our furry friends looking for a home this Holiday Season..

"Woofie's Lady" is a very special, cute, playful, stubborn chunk of a girl. She is the ultimate playmate for any dog.
Since she spent her formative years raising litter after litter, she has all the traits of a good mother, she is spirited, she is sweet, she is determined and she is playful. We have not found a dog that has not really liked Lady. She is a babysitter for little ones, a rambunctious roustabout with the rowdy crowd and a kindly sitter with the old and infirm. She can wear many hats, but she cannot live with cats. She is house trained, but should be crated when unsupervised and would probably be happiest in a home with another dog.

Jeffrey is an adorable long legged beagle hound mix. He is very, very sweet. He is affectionate and like most beagles, he loves food, so he should be easy to train. He is about 7 months old and should mature to about 40 lbs. Since he is a hound, he will probably be very laid back but prone to roaming, so he will have to go to a home with a fenced yard or an underground fence. If you are a roamer yourself, well, he would love to accompany you on any journey that you wish to make..

Kearrah is a female Labradoodle, approximately 8 months to 1 year of age. She is a bouncey, super busy, hyper dog with LOTS of energy. Loving and looking for a special someone to spend time with her and train her to be the best dog she can be.
Bernie, I wanted to wish you, your family, and all the lucky animals you tend to a very merry Christmas. I wish you all much love, happiness, and joy in 2007. I have experienced a wide array of emotions since discovering your blog this year. Amongst those I have felt saddness b/c of all the cruelty sweet innocent animals endure, happiness b/c you are their angel who has given them a fighting chance at happiness, and regret that I cannot adopt each and every loving face you have posted about. Hang in there & keep doing what you are doing. You are such a blessing to the world. With much love, Jessica (and Abby my pooch says hi!)
Oh those sweet little puppies look like they have already had a hard life. I have no doubt that with your love they will be bright eyed and ready for forever homes in no time. You are truly a God send to animals.
post a pic of Noel!!!
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