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Monday, December 25, 2006
My Christmas Gift.. "NOEL"

This is a serious tissue warning..
This is an emotional post, but a very heartfelt and WILL be a very happy ending...
Please keep this in mind and read on..
This past week has been one of non stop, every minute of my days, has been filled with animals and emotions.
I have been to the pound many days this past week. They were filled to capacity, like I've never seen it before.
As I passed the kennels, looking into each animal's eyes, nothing could prepare my heart, for the little red dog I was about to see..
She meekishly looked at me, her tail thumping the ground and her eyes pleading for a home to love her..
I could not move, I lowered myself to my knees and started to sob..
((I've been crying for days))
She had no ears..
Scars of new and old, all over her body and she is just a baby..
In more pain than I could ever imagine, she still could wag her tail.
Well, she has become my Christmas Gift.
Her name is "Noel" and has become a lesson in love, a memory that will never be forgotten.

Our best guess, judging by the extent of her injuries is that she was used as a bait dog.
If you are not familiar with the term, it's a dog that is use to train other dogs to fight.
Whatever the case this poor baby has had a hard life of pain..
She has old injuries, months old all over her body that have healed and new ones, open and full of infection.
She spent the nite at the vet, her first nite and is home with me now.
We're giving her lots of love and she's being medicated with lots of antibiotics.
It will take her time to heal but she is more than willing to love everyone she comes in contact with!!!
Very afraid of other dogs, that may be something she may not get over, but only time will tell.
She Loves to go for car rides and is very well behaved in the car.
If anyone would like to make her a hat with ears, I'm sure it will help boost her self confidence.
I think she is beautiful with or without ears!!!

I'm learning many things as I travel this journey with the animals..
They teach me so much about life and unconditional love.
As much as I want to blame, point fingers, get angry at the world, I've learned it's all wasted energy.
I let it go and live in the moment.
Blame is so easy, forgiveness is hard..
What I've learned is. to focus my energies on what I can do..
How I can make the future of these animals better.
The stories read here on this blog, prove that we all can make a difference together, each one of us doing our part.
You who read, who care, who love are all a part of this journey and with the intention of love that we all share and send out to the world, change will happen.. I believe this with all my heart.
Not fast enough, but we cannot ever give up hope.. Someday, things will be different and the world will be a better place..

So with this thought, I send out to all of you,
Blessings of Love and Light this Holiday Season..


awww, she's LOVELY! Such beautiful eyes!!!!!!
That's it, I'm sending a check to you right now. My family and I don't exchange gifts so this will be my Christmas gift. Thank you for all that you do. You had me in a mess of tears. If I could take in a dog I would want to adopt Noel.
Noel is the cutest sweetie pie darling, I love her to....hugs JoTee
What a beautiful little girl. The fact that she has found her way into your loving arms is a miracle. I've never tried to make a hat before... but maybe I'll give it a try, for Noel's sake. Give her a hug from me!

i am sending more art to you this week... it is not much but maybe just maybe if it save one precious life.....
THANK YOU for ALL that you do!!!

noel is an angel and so beautiful..please kiss her face for me..i hope to come see you in the new year..like noel, you are an angel....so happy that you rescued this darling and will give her the love and attention she needs..

With tears in my eyes at this story, I say again that you are awesome!!! Thank you so much for saving this sweet girl. May God bless you with the sweetest blessings. Thank you thank you thank you. I wish I lived there to have the privilege of meeting you.

As usual after reading some of your posts I feel speechless. I am thankful for everything you do and for having gotten to "know" you. Thank you for giving Noel the opportunity for a loving home and normal life. She is beautiful as are you.

Bless you both.
Merry Christmas to you too, Bern:) Will be in touch soon.
Hi Bernie,
I tried to leave a note yesterday but I don't think your blog was working, or maybe I wasn't. Anyway, I am so happy you adopted Noel, she needs you . She is a sweetheart. My heart is happy for you both, please keep us posted on her health.
Thank God Noel found you, Bernie...
Warm hugs, Shari
Thank you, thank you. You are amazing. I fell in love with Noel too. This was the perfect Christmas story. -Karen
i posted on my blog last night about Noel. maybe we can get a bunch of people to make her hats!

Oh Bernie...I am sitting here at my PC in Australia with tears running down my face. What a darling little girl Noel is. I would give her a home in a heart beat if I lived in the US. I cannot, and will never , understand how people can mistreat such special little souls. I know she will find a loving home through your kindness where she will be loved and treasured for ever more.

You are a saint. And are making such a big difference to the world.
You are a strong, amazing, caring, thoughtful person! I shared your story with my 11-yr-old daughter, who already aspires to make the world a better place the way you do - caring for animals. She saves money - pocket change mostly - for our local Humane Society (I'm very proud of her) and last year for her birthday, rather than gifts, she asked her friends to bring donations of either items or cash, which we deliverd to the animal shelter and visited with the animals as "her party." It was so much fun and very rewarding for her. She was so touched to read about Noel. Thank you for sharing your story and for being an inspiration to others! Merry Christmas.
hey, it didn't leave my comment the other day!

I'll make her hats like we talked about! I can't remember what kind of dog you said she was....I need to know so I know how big to make the hat!
You and Noel just received the best Christmas gift. Blessings to you both.
Jeanette/ seattle
youre an angel bernie! what a little cupcake, what fortune that the little pup found you. lots of love to you!!!!
What a lucky pup to have had someone like you find her at that exact moment. We all know how quickly time passes for animals at the pound, and I'm sure most that saw her thought "I don't want a dog who looks like that." :( I see that so often with the rescue groups I work with. Noel is such a beauty, she really is. I'd venture to say she looks like she has some dachshund in her. :) She has a loving face, and through those big eyes you can see her soul. I'm so glad there are other people out there who value animals so much. So are you keeping her, or will you be adopting her out? I don't think I could give up that sweetie! :)
Mourning the loss of my Jake and blubbering all day and night as it is, I had to scroll quickly through this cruel tale. But you saved her and it's time to send the love...my new box of frontline and whatever else I can think of coming your way. Will be looking for hat projects too. Thank you for doing what you do.
Hi Bernie... We don't know each other well (I have done a few chunky books with you in years past) but am coming out of "lurkdom" to send you many blesings as the angel of all of these wonderful furry friends. It must give you a lot of peace to know why God put you on this earth!
Hugs to you and all of your "kids" - Deb
ms bernie,

you inspire me no end in doing my thing for the animals here in the phils. i'm a journalist and i use that to educate people about animal welfare. like you, i'm so in love with dogs (and care so much about other animals). and this story of Noel is just one of the many that i have forwarded to my friends and network.

My ultimate dream is to do the things you do. Rescuing the helpless animals.

Here's a hug for Noel and all the animals in your care {{{Noel}}}
What a beautiful face she has...I don't know how you do what you do but BRAVO!...it's so nice to know Noel has a safe haven now.

What a beautiful story and Noel is so beautiful too. I can see so much tenderness in her eyes and it looks like you two were meant for each other. Thank you for all that you do, we are big animal lovers ourselves and have a rescue dog and cat... we just love them to pieces, can't imagine life without them. Thanks for sharing. What a great Christmas story.
Noel is so sweet, I can't believe that anyone would do something so horrible to a puppy! Thank God she found her way to you!
pls send us new pics of Noel.
oh bernie - noel is a beauty! i have an american eskimo rescue - she was a bait dog also. she's a lover! still has a few issues after all this time, but we work with or around them,as the case may be. she is my most special gift and i love her to the moon and back. kitasmom-gettingby.blogspot.com
What a sweet doggie! She is lucky that you found her.
i found this via a knitblogger who is making "ears" for Noel, and I wanted to thank YOU for being such a good doggy mama. Poor pup; this story makes me sad and so ashamed of people.
{{{{HUGS}}}} to you and your beautiful doggie, Noel! (From me and my doggie, Sandy.
Noel is simply gorgeous! I read about you on Vickie Howell's blog and am so touched. I myself have 3 dogs (2 are rescues - 1 from TN actually!) and do everything in my power to help animals in need.
Beautiful dog. I know she will have a great life now. I have printed the pattern for ears and my Lucy says I am to make some for Noel. She has such big ears I know she would share if she could.
Just came across this post...I had a lump in my throat as I read through it. It angers me so much to know that people use other dogs as bait dogs..that just digusts me to no end. But, I am so very thankful that you now have lovely Noel. Animals are resiliant and I know that Noel will recover and just flourish! I really admire your soul, patience and nurturing spirit. You have truely found your gift in this world! Thank you for all you do!
Bless you, bless you. thank you for making the world
a better place.
What a beautiful puppy! There's a reason why you two are together - please give her an extra hug tonight from me and my Harley (12 yo Miniature Pinscher that I've had since she was 10 weeks old). I can't imagine what your Noel endured, but she obviously feels safe and secure in her new home. Blessings to both of you.
What a LOVELT puppy!! I am so GLAD that you take care of here!! I LOVE animals!!
Faith is the belief in things not seen.

Your little Angel knew the moment she saw you, that you were who she was waiting for ... It was you she was hanging on for.

Tell her I care too ... hug her for me?
Wish she were my little Angel.
What a special little soul inside that mangled body to still see hope.

Merry Christmas indeed.
=^..^= love, zU
I just found this post from linking several times from a knitlist. I am continually amazed at the cruelty people are capable of, but THANK God, there are people such as you to counteract their miserable ways. I am soo glad this sweet little dog found you. Bless you and Noel. (((hugs)))
She's beautiful, and you are a great person. I can't believe how cruel some people can be, it absolutely kills me.
I've only just discovered your story quite by accident. I cried both with sadness for what Noel had endured and then with great joy that she met you and your wonderful heart. I wish the two of you well on your journey together. You are an amazing person and Noel is an amazing dog to have retained the ability to trust humans.
Susan Hughes. Australia
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