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Monday, December 18, 2006
Puppy overload

I could just cry..
I went to the pound today to check on two little dogs that I was worried would be put to sleep.
They were both adopted:) That was the good news!!
As I looked around, there were 5 little pups I decided to take, and then 13 more came in..

Guess who came home with me??? These are them, all of them.. No Christmas break for me:)
I've already called all my humane society contacts and they have agreed to take them all in a few weeks.
How could they not, these little guys are so precious..
I truly am blessed that I have surrounded myself with organizations that believe in me and support my efforts.

All thirteen came from two moms that were farm dogs, the two moms and the dad also were brought in.
All surrendered. The parents I couldn't take, I'm over extended for space and am not too sure on their temperment.
They have killed some dogs, but most probably because they were protecting the pups.
Not their fault..
Every time I leave dogs behind a little something in me dies, I feel so sick inside..
It is so sad and again, because someone, didn't spay/neuter their animals life ends for many.
I've been busy, worming, vaccinating, defleaing and washing these little guys tonite..
I'll take some Happy pics of them tomorrow!!
Nitey Nite..
Thank you so much for all that you do.
Bernie you are wonderful. Your heart is made of pure 22 carat gold. Thank you so much.

PS I would send money but I do the same thing with cats!

My heart breaks with you. Thank you for what you do.
Bless you!!! These pups are adorable!!
Bless you Bernie & Jeff, these little puppies are so precious it breaks my heart when people don't spay & neuter. May these little darlings fine wonderful homes where people will love them & care for them....Hugs Jody
wow. Bless you. We share our home and lives with 3 rescued special needs dogs, two rescued special needs cats and two parrots. It is my dream to some day do you as you're doing.
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