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Sunday, January 14, 2007

We just emptied out and we're already filling up again until our next transport to the Humane Societies..
Just seems like it never ends..
This story is about one of our new guys his name is "Flynn" he's a Malte-poo our best guess.
The picture above was taken at the pound..
Isn't it amazing how the expression changes.. the pic below is him in the car on our way home..

Weighing about 8 pounds he was matted to the skin he couldn't even go potty:(
Only a year, maybe two at the most, he's never been groomed.
Well.. he is now!!

Here are his pics, the fur on the table all came off in big pieces like felt, can you imagine what that must have felt like, pulling on your skin.

He'll be ready for adoption in two weeks, we just have to get him fixed and checked out at the vet tomorrow..
Welcome home!!!I'm glad you had a good trip! Boy Flynn looks so much like my Gandaulf when I got him. What a cutie he is now.

I love your puppy and kitty shirt :D too cute.


What a doll - oh that face!!
Awwww he is sooo cute, I bet he feels so much more comfy now he has all that matted fur off!
Nice to hear from you, Bernie. Flynn is adorable! Those before and after pictures are amazing.
OH MY GOSH it is like an extreme makeover. You can tell that he was VERY happy to get out of the pound...
He is sure a cutie pie, what a makeover!!! am so glad that you had some time away & that you had some time with fun friends & got your battery re-charged...you rock girl. Hugs Jody
His expression on the way home is so adorable!!! and I love all the hats Noel is receiving...I only wish I knew how to sew or knit!

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