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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Home again & Incoming New Faces....

Just back last nite from California, I'll post more about the trip later..
I can say that I had a really wonderful time and have lots of news and pics to share...

New faces coming in...
These pics above are my two passengers that had to sit in the front seat for the other crates in back were occupied.
They were so frightened in the pound. Now that they are here, they are doing much better and coming out of their shells:)
Seems as if puppy season starts so much earlier here in the south than it did when I lived up north.
So even though we just emptied out, we are filling up again..

This was taken at the pound, out of this pic, we could only take 8 of the 15 pups here..
It breaks my heart that we couldn't take them all, but we are limited for space and have to draw the line at times.

This pic was also taken at the pound these are 4 Peke/Lhasa mixes are a mom, dad and their two babies.
We got them out of there, even though I got bit a few times, they were so afraid, but they are doing so much better now!!

"Roxy" is a female Min Pin approximately 1-2 years of age with a skin condition.
She'll be treated and up for adoption in a month or two.

"Rocko" is a male Chihuahua approximately 1-2 years of age, SUPER sweet but looks kinda grouchy.
Don't let that fool you, he is a lover!!

My sweet "Giggles" went to her new home, her forever home!!
Needless to say I had a good cry when she left..
She had been with us since July and really touched our hearts:)

Gotta run to feed, water and rotate the critters...
Will post more tonite..
hey sweetie!
Oh I LOVE Rocko! I wish Toby didn't hate other doggies :(

missing you already! this weekend went by too fast!
OMG the puppies are beautiful!!! And im just in LOVE with Rocko...he looks just like my Chihuahua, Tattoo. I WANT HIM! hehe Your an absolute angel for doing what you do and I hope soon I will be able to begin what you have started here in my area.
Bless your heart for all you do for them!
I can't believe you are right back into it full speed ahead. Bless you! How is Noel?
Best wishes for these little friends...
So nice to meet you at CHA. Of all the tales I brought home to my family, my daughter was most impressed that I met you, the owner of little Noel! (I knew it would be that way!) Give Noel a little smooch for Kaylyn. : )
dear sweet bernie,
for some reason giggles departure hit me hard - i can only imagine how you felt. such *heart* work, you do, a rollercoaster of emotions. you've been in my thoughts - my sympathy to you and jeff, what a huge loss to lose jeff's dad. i'm so sorry.
sending you love and light
They are adorable!...and I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law :(

Thoughts and prayers.
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