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Friday, January 26, 2007
On the Road: CHA

I'm leaving tomorrow for CHA
I will be gone till next week, when I get back I'll have a ton of work to catch up on and am bound and determined to get finished and tie up loose ends!!

Nothing like a huge trade show filled with arts and craft products to get your creative juices flowing!!!
I'm soooo excited to catch up with my friends that I only see a few times a year when we teach together Claudine Hellmuth ,Michael deMeng, Angela Cartwright, Suze Weinberg & Traci Bautista just to name a few..

This is my schedule for the show:
F&W Publications
Booth # 1509
Sunday: 12:00 p.m.
Monday: 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 9:30 a.m.
I will be demo-ing the techniques from my book, signing and giving away free copies as well:)
Limited amounts available, so come early!!

I will also be doing some brief demos for Rubbernecker, using their Luna Lights paints.
I LOVE these paints and have been using them for several years.
The booth number is; #2472

The other booths that you can probably catch me at are:
Ranger Products and the Stampington booth.

On Sunday I'll be demo-ing with my friend Michael deMeng, stop by and say HI!!!
Hope to see you there..
Good luck at your show and if you ever need any exhibit products for your booths keep us in mind!
- Evan
hi dear bernie,
i hope you're have lots of fun at CHA, reuniting with friends, and taking a break from your usual routine.

i have some things i want to talk to you about, and get your feedback, so give me a call when you get back and have some time. i miss you sweetie; i hold you in my heart always.
Hi. I read your blog regularly having been directed to it by farmgirl's terrific blog. I am an american living in Dakar Senegal. I saw a puppy get hit by a car last night and it couldn't move, so i carried it into my house (an apartment I share with many others, both senegalese and americans, so i won't be able to keep a dog there) and I called a friend at the american embassy to find a vet who makes emergency calls, who came, despite it having been a big muslim holiday here. The vet was terrific but was supposed to call me this morning after x-rays and hasn't!!! I'm so worried about the puppy, worried about the cost of healing him, worried about finding a good home for him (there's no ASPCA or the equivelent here) -- anyway, I figured you'd understand these stresses, so I wanted to write you!!! The little puppy was alert -- there was no blood -- possibly an eye injury, several broken ribs, and a back leg injury (probably broken, but that's why I'm waiting for the x-ray results) and his dog-mom (he's a stray, definitely) had been walking with him when he got hit and she just LEFT him. And the person who hit him nearly hit him again in speeding up to try to get around him, seemingly annoyed by this delay to his day. It was awful.
hi bernie! i am the goofy lady you met leaving the convention center then other day. i was not quick enough to put your name with your fabulous new book. just wanted to say and that iadmire your talent!! keep up the great work. the book is beautiful!!!
peace, love and glitter,
kathy ;-)
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