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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Leaving in the Morning..

Whew, all ready to go, I've got the van configued and will load in the morning.
Looks like I'll have some pups still left here, they just weren't completely well, so they have to wait and will go next time.
I'll be driving all day tomorrow and after I drop the animals off at the humane society, I will be headed to Wisconsin with Noel. If you don't know Noel's story, she was abused and has no ear on one side of her head and just a tiny bit of an ear on the other side.

She will be seeing my old vet there, Dr. Sheperd. I truly miss him..
He has taught me so much about animal care and continues to deal with me and my millions of questions long distance on a weekly basis.
He's just the BEST!!! Dedicated to the animals, always there when needed, most times never taking time out for himself..

Noel's surgery has to be done and I just can't keep putting it off, so we'll have to work out some kind of payment plan.
I will not worry having Dr. Shepherd working on her, he is well seasoned in most areas of veterinary medicine and a very skilled surgeon.

I have had to wait quite awhile for Noel to heal. When she arrived here at Christmas time her immune system was really compromised and after many rounds of antibiotics we finally have the infections cured.
She's now ready to have her surgery and hopefully will be able to hear better.

If you're not familiar with Noel's story you can click
here& here to read.

She had so many sweet people knit her hats with ears, thanks to Claudine and Vicki Howell when the weather was still cold here and we had to protect her ear holes. Pictures of her in her hats are on the links above.
An adorable pattern Vicki created for Noel, called Noel's floppy ears can be found on her blog, if you want to make floppy ears for your pets:)

Off to get a few hours of sleep, I'll check in probably by the weekend..

Good luck with the trip, Bernie. I will hold you and Noel in my thoughts. xo
Tons of love to Noel, and heartfelt prayers for a speedy recovery for her! I wish I could take her... oh how I wish I could! But I have 3 dogs already, and our village has a not very wonderful law about the maximum # of dogs you can have in one home. I'm at the limit.

Safe travels... if you need a rest stop in northern Illinois (Arlington Heights) on your way back, just let me know -- we'd be honored to host you for a bit!
be safe~

I just found out about the kool donation badge...just added it to my sidebar~

thinking of you!

xo ~Bella
Dear Bernie,
Thank you for everything you do. I'm so glad that you created the donation badge! I've added it to my blogs and love to see the donation numbers climb, knowing you are getting the financial help you need. I just gave another small donation so I could see it rise to $1,500. Such a good thing to get everyone together to help you, help the abandoned. We have 2 rescue dogs ourself that we love like crazy!

Blessings to you, Bernie.
: ) Lenna
what a gorgeous dog, ears or no.

bless you eternally for your efforts

To help a little I just put my contribution in today and am so pleased to do so. So many animals need help and people don't afford or won't stop unwanted puppy and kitten births from happening when it is possible, it seems the least I can do. Thank you Bernie.
Bernie- love your blog.
I work for the Hong Kong Dog Rescue, and we have similar stories to tell. So sad that wherever you are in the world animals suffer at the hands of humans.
Check out our website- google Hong Kong Dog Rescue, or my blog annieslane (blogspot).

We operate out of some old boarding kennels and usually house about 30-40 dogs there. On a nearby island at the home of our founder, Sally Andersen, there are many, many more. We rescue dogs on death row at the local animal management centre. My own Golden Retriever and cross Rottweiler come from there.
Keep up the good work- there is a place for you in dog heaven! (Who'd want to go anywhere else??)
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