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Sunday, May 13, 2007
Dedicated to Mothers Everywhere...
My thoughts are with Mothers everywhere today..
You are the people who shape the adults of tomorrow..
Teaching them how to be good and decent human beings when they grow up.
I know many of you read my blog and so do your children, I just wanted to say "Thank YOU!!"
Thank you for teaching your children, love and compassion, for the animals.
It give me hope for the future, when at times I'm so sad at the state of all the unwanted pets that come into my life.
I have had the pleasure of meeting so many children, who have left their mark on my heart.
Those children who care, comfort and show act of kindness to our furry friends.
When people say I wish I could do more..
You do so much more than you think, by teaching our little ones..
Give yourselves a pat on the back, hug your kids and your pets. You're the BEST!!!

A few stories to make you smile..

On my last teaching trip to Boston, I had surprize visitors who drove up from Maine.
Quite the handsome, strong but silent type.. His name is Ian. Very wise beyond his years and an avid animal lover.
His mother brought him up to give me a donation that he raised himself.
An amazing act of kindness, he sold his special chocolates to help my animals.
His mother, Catherine is a fellow artist/author and just all around talented lady!!
Check her book out HERE.

Here is another handsome fellow, this is "Tristan".
His mom and him rescued a pregnant beagle/daschund from the pound and gave her a safe place, to have her babies, till she could find someone to take them.
All the pups are here and their eyes just opened.

So much to post..
But need some sleep:)
It looks like you have done it again... Your love for animals and your message is being absorbed by little ones who are making a difference in their own way. You are such a wonderful and inspiring woman who does so much for everyone else. Thank YOU for showing others that just a little compassion can go a long way.

BTW - Josey is now FOUR times the size from when you last saw her... and still growing into those paws!
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