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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Puppy Breath...

I love them, but have to say they are way more work, than adults. Not to mention so much more fragile.
Lately I've had many comment on how I'm living their dream.. Wishing they could do rescue like I do.
I'm flattered by the comments, just be careful what you wish for...
I Love what I do, but there are many sacrifices you make..
I'm not complaining, I chose this life and am very happy every day for the lives saved.
I just want others to know what they are getting into and the sacrifices made.
My advice is start slow, foster dogs for rescues or humane societies, to begin with. Volunteer your time.
Here my time is not my own & every day is different. Many aspects of my life suffer because of my dedication to the animals, their needs must always come first. Everything else comes next. Time & money are things I never have enough of..
Once you get into rescue it is very difficult to get out, without having guilt. You learn so much about how many are needlessly put to sleep and the evils that people do.
My guilt would be amplified if I quit, just because I have established relationships and programs with the Humane Socities where these critters can be placed. My blessings have been the shelters I work with. We have a very good working relationship not to mention friendships..
For those who want to do this full time I must caution you on the constant emotional roller coaster & the compassion fatigue.
Not to mention that you must have a strong stomach for the gross part of rescue, the worms, parvo, different illnesses, etc.
The other day when I pulled "YoYo & Gumbo" out of the pound I had ticks crawling all over me.. EEEEWWWW!!
It can wear you down if you are not careful...
I tend to focus on the good, what I can do & what I have done. It does no good to focus on what we can't fix. Only looking forward to a new day, a new hope that thru education & awareness we can evoke change, for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Below are some of our precious pups:









All are between the ages of 8-12 weeks old. All will be up for adoption in 2 weeks.
I'll hopefully be posting more item to auction tomorrow and boxing up the sold item as well..
Look how happy they all are...they're all smiling!
I would love to donate a piece of art to your auction.
If you're still looking for donations, please let me know.
Thanks for all that you do.
Bernie, you have such a good heart...and I know how emotionally draining your work must be at times. How can you not ache for these beloved creatures when they are in need.

Thank you so much for your strength and perseverance...you are a real gift to these animals.

You are an amazing woman doing amazing things! :) I know how emotional it is just to foster 1 doggy here and there, I can only imagine how you do what you do. THANK YOU for being who you are!

And the pups are gorgeous!!!
Hey Bern,
Gary & I were just looking at the pupper pics-tell us about Sparrow:) That face is enough to melt anybody!
The reason I send money to you and organizations like Buddy Dog etc. is because I know that I couldn't do the actual work that you do. I would love to say that I could...but know that I can't - for many reasons; heart and health. God bless you for your work.
They are tooooooooo sweet. I cannot let Kaylyn see these pics or she will beg me to adopt them all!! : )
Are any of these adorable pups coming to Chicago??
Bernie, you are honestly an angel to these dogs and to us that have a desire to adopt the dogs. Thanks for beings tronger that I:)


Yup, I have to agree that you are living part of my dream - to help animals. My destiny lies somewhere else in the animal rescue journey - adoption and trying to help those who put their heart and soul on the line day after day. I am thrilled that our family was able to adopt Josey from you. Thank you for all that you do, we think about you everyday.
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