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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Art Auction is LIVE!!!I

Art by: Beryl Taylor

I'm in Chicago for my brother's wedding..
Just came in from it and was just checking on my e-mail and found out that part of the auction went live:( EEEKK!!
I guess when I was working on everything and loading it, I never went back to change dates on the first block of art...
Still having growing pains with e-bay, but eventually I'll get it.
I'm so sorry that it didn't all go live together, especially to those artist that asked if I could wait till after Artfest.
The other dates still stand and there will be more art, fat books and some of my own personal things offered for auction.
We have a ton of vet bills to catch up on and are in dire need of vaccine now..

Art by: Lynne Perrella

I will ask, if you would please pass the word on to all your art and animal loving friends, about the current partial listing being auctioned now,I would truly appreciate it
There is so much great art work and some very unique one of a kind pieces!!!
Click here to see aution

Again, I'm sorry but I guess this is just another sign that I need to slow down the pace a bit..
I'm off to bed, have to get up early and drive back to Tennessee tomorrow:)

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