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Saturday, February 17, 2007
"Sweet Miz Harriett"

There are days that just make your mind work overtime..
This was one of them...
I've been stretched emotionally & financially beyond what is truly healthy, but there are times that you just can't turn your heart or mind off.
Hope & Faith guide me that things will be fine and that the greater good will eventually win for the animals..

This post is about a sweet little one eyed beagle named "Harriett"

I found her at the pound with her friend, they both had matching really worn collars.
Owner surrenders, it made me so sad to know that someone owned these dogs and they still lived lives of neglect.
I often wonder how it comes to be that dogs are discarded like unwanted objects.
They are lives, living beings, that need to be honored and loved..
I just don't get how disposable society is..
I know once upon a time, she was a puppy loved by someone who held her in their arms & bought matching collars for both dogs...

Harriett's friend we called her Helen was put to sleep, shortly after her vet exam, due to the fact she was so ill, there was nothing more we could do for her. She was blind, deaf, nothing but bones and full of infection and arthritis.
Harriett has hope and will be fine.. She is having surgery on what is left of her eye to have it removed, it will be stitched closed and a few other things she will have taken care of as well that day.
She's no spring chicken, but full of love & needing a place to live out her golden years..

If anyone would like to give this sweet girl a loving home, just send me a note:)
It makes me cry. I'm hugging my own well-loved Beagle boy right now.
I read this post yesterday and woke up thinking about it today. It makes me so sad that people just think animals are disposable. I spend hours a day with my two lovely cats and could not imagine life without them. They are high maintenance cats for sure and sometimes drive me nuts but that's what I agreed to when I signed the adoption papers at the pound.
Gaw Bernie,
How sad I feel after reading this. For every happy story there are ten sad ones. Sending you big hugs and pats on the back for a job well done--I couldn't do what you do and still have any faith in the human race.

big hugs from the little one who worships her fairydogmother and her mama.
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