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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Trying to Catch up...

The days since I've gotten home are a blurrrrr......
Non stop moving, art making, dogs coming in and getting them ready for transport.
We have topped our all time high of pups here. It makes me so sad that there are so many in need, not enough homes and people to rescue them. Everytime I leave the pound, a piece of me is left there with the ones I could not take with me.
I'm in a rush right now but wanted to put a post up for those of you that have been so sweet, to e-mail to see if I was o.k.
I'm still mourning the loss of my father in law, but am moving with the days and trying to catch my breath and enjoy every moment..
I'll post more tonite to try to catch up with my CHA trip and other news and pics of dogs..
For now here are some pics of a pair of Weimaraners that I pulled last week..

Please remember that for all purebred dogs, there is a purebred rescue somewhere.
Keeping this in mind if you have a specific breed that you love as an alternative to getting a puppy.
These girls didn't deserve to be at the pound as you can see from these pics..
They were soooo sweet, how could you not love these amazingly expressive faces.
Millie and Martha went to
Weimaraner rescue of the South but I had the pleasure of enjoying their company for a short time.
Yes, one of the dangers of doing rescue are.. Being nearly suffocated by BIG doggie kisses!!! (((Giggles)))

Will post more soon...
yes yes! there is a rescue for every breed! that's how we got Toby from pekingese rescue of Florida!!
M&M look like very sweet doggies!
Oh, they are so sweet! I would take them in in no time! I have a sweet Weimaraner girl here. They are the best dogs, but they aren't the easiest and I often here of people who didn't think it through.

We had to sign a contract with the breeder that if we ever can't or won't take care of her anymore we have to return her to him. So she'll never end up in the pond. We are expecting pups from her now (already have new owners for most of them!) and will make the people we send the pups to sign a similar agreement.

I'm happy these ladies could go to a specialized place and I hope they find the perfect home!

Very, very cute. They are the definition of sad puppy dog eyes! I used to bat my eyes like that when I wanted something from my mom.
Nice to have you back, Bernie. Those dogs are the sweetest. Love the Weimaraner kissie pictures!
I LOVE that pic of that dog kissing you! Phew! It says it all Bernie! That dog is so Thankful you rescued her! and I LOVE your new hair cut!!! What's that called??? I'm tired of getting my same ol Gypsy Shag hair cut! altho that looks something like a Shag! hmmmmmmm xo, Cinda
Love the Weimer pix! The first one looks like my Maggie. Weimers are so sweet and special.
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