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Monday, March 12, 2007
Back home for the moment..

I'm back home and things are as they always seem to be..
Way too busy!!!
I will post more about my Boston trip in the next couple of days, but the task at hand is getting my auctions up, so I'll be working day and nite on that this week.
In the meanwhile here are some of the faces that are here and looking for their forever homes..
At the top with me is "Petee" a male 6 month old Chihuahua/Doxie/something mix.
A total sweetheart who loves to sleep in bed with you, right under your neck. This one is for you Tracy!!! ((hint-hint))

This is "Darla" a 12 week old female, Hound/mix, maybe Australian Shepherd. Super spunky she is a bundle of energy!!

Next we have "Mandy" a female Australian Shepherd, possibly a mix. Approximately 2-3 years of age. Shy at first, but comes out of her shell pretty quick. Loves to play & herd with others. Does not do well with cats.

"Cookie" & "Peepers" have been here awhile. They are best buddies and both are female about a year old. If you want to know what they are, I truly don't know, but only can guess... The best I can say is that they are the most beautiful mutts I have seen yet:) The true designer dog not to be replicated!!

Our sweet little "Flynn" is a male Maltepoo about 1-2 years of age. A face cleaner, loving and does great with other dogs.

We have 11 of these little guys. Most are Lab/mixes and three are Boxer/mixes. A bundle of puppy energy, always under foot and loving attention.

Just a cute pic of the little dogs out and about. We've been having some beautiful weather of which I'm loving:)
We've got a transport going out in just a week or two and I have to leave for Chicago on Friday for my brothers wedding.
I"m pooped, but just wanted get these pictures out, I have some prospective adopters who have been patiently waiting for pictures, so here they are!!
Hang in there, I'm working on the auction, it will be up soon I promise!!
Blessing and Light to you all!!!!
awwww look at those precious faces!! You look great Bernie-- happier!!!

I'm a sucker for blue eyes--Darla and Peepers are so pretty.

awwww!! puppies!!!
What an adorable bunch! have a wonderful time at your bro's wedding. Hope you get some rest in there somewhere.
omg! peepers.....jeepers! she is gorgeous! she's shaped exactly like my dog, just a different color. nice and athletic...and probably fast like mine! gosh they'd make a great pair...i'm sure she'll find a loving home...and her shaggy girlfriend too...it amazes me how absolutely beautiful the animals you save are. they all seem so very adoptable!
Adorable dogs...is Cookie available for adoption? I've been looking for a fluffy dog-pal for my pooch and me. She's so cute!
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