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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Auction News..

Art by: Tara Ross

I'm finally almost finished listing all the auction items!!!
I only have the fat books left to photograph and list on e-bay, all the picturetaking, uploading, cleaning, resizing and writing it all up, has just taken a ton of time. It is well worth it, the auction looks GREAT!!!
I'm thrilled beyond words at the beautiful things sent.
So Thank YOU all from the bottom of my heart, you'll be floored by the artwork being offered.
The dates for the auction are: April 6-15th.
I would post them sooner but a bunch of people who are going to Artfest have asked if I could delay it..

I'm slowly starting to get caught up on things..
It will be such a load off my shoulders when I do.
I feel so guilty most times trying to catch up, but can't help that things are just the way they are, because I can't stop my heart, even when my head tells me I'm doing too much. The care of the animals consumes my time and I'm lucky if there is time for me to sit and eat, I'm usually eating while running around, making my phone calls from the car, etc...
I really hate disappointing people by not being caught up on things, e-mails, paperwork, etc..
It is never my intention to disappoint anyone, ever..
If I haven't responded to an e-mail, please send it again!!!
We've grown so big in such a short time, the growing pains have been pretty substancial.
I am working on finding balance though..
Seems we are always learning about ourselves and life no matter how old we are:)

Art by: Kelly Snelling

Lately, money has been so terribly tight for the rescue, I have faith and things always have a way of working out:)
The surgeries, the cost of vaccine, food, etc have really stretched us to the breaking point.
The financial aspect of doing rescue will ultimately make me slow down.
The cost of saving lives and creating a no kill vision is staggering.
But hope guides me for the future, even though we endure hardship at times, the dream of a better tomorrow is worth all the hard work, no matter what the price.
I'll be on the road traveling pretty much every month this year to make ends meet..

Art by:Mary Haldeman

The art posted here are some of the pieces that will be offered by the talented animal loving artists.
I will soon have a yahoo groups, so that my communications will be better. My sweet friends who are trying to help me out will be my moderators and help keep me organized.
I value each and every one of you and hope that is realized, even at times when I'm so out of touch.
It's only because I'm caring for the animals and they always have to come first..

I really miss doing my art for myself and have started a new blog so not to clog this one with my art talk.
If you're interested it's: http://www.bernieberlin.blogspot.com
I'm off to bed, have to be in Chicago tomorrow to bring some dogs and go to my brother's wedding on Saturday, then drive back on Sunday to prepare for a big transport of 35-40 dogs on next Thursday.
Nitey nite..
You are such a sweet love! Be sure to take care of and pamper YOURSELF first - if you run yourself too ragged you will burn out and it will be worse in the long run for the animals!

And don't worry about disappointing anyone, of course the animals come first, we can take care of ourselves! (The animals come first after you and your loved ones!)

That said, I do LOVE the photos you post of the dogs and the inspiring words of all the rescue!

And remember to breathe!

Wow what great art work for a very good ThinG!! The dogs are so sweet!
loving this. please put me on your list next time you need donations for an auction!
Bernie, I'd love to donate two silver charm necklaces in honor of my little Bailey. One is a pawprint the other is a heart with a bone. I'll send them to you and you can list them whenever. :)
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