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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Hug A PUG, his friends & all the puppies..

My last post for the nite..
I have to do one more bottle feeding and then I can sleep for about 4 hours before I get up again..
Thank goodness this only lasts a few weeks:)

We've got a new Puggie here!! He is so cute and definitely has a wonderful personality, we just have to check out a few health issues and he should be up for adoption in a few weeks. Right now he has kennel cough and I feel so bad for the smooshed face guys when they have this, they truly have the hardest time. It will pass in a couple of weeks, we just have to try to make him a comfortable as possible. His name is "Bosco", male, approximatel 3-5 years of age, great with other dogs.

We don't usually get Pugs, but every now & then we have them show up, usually with health issues.
The last one we had was Mister Mugsey Magoo and he is now happily living with his artist mom Jill Schulse in Wisconsin.
Click here to see Mister Magoo's story

Puggie has a best buddy and his name is "Rosco". He is the best I can guess Boston Terrier/Pug mix. Maybe he's a pure Boston, I'm not too sure. He is approximately 1-2 year of age male, great with other dogs. Super busy, lots of energy!!
Not to be left off leash. I chased him for almost an hour when he got off my leash. Boy was I feeling how out of shape I am:)

Next is "Scooter" what a doll!!! He is approximately 2-3 years of age, super sweet, loving, housebroken, male, ten pounds and great with other dogs. Scooter I'm guessing is a Snoodle. Schnauzer/poodle mix. He does currently have some ear & skin infections but we'll take care of that.

This is "BeeBop" he is a lab mix and a super loving, easy going guy!! Approximately 10-12 weeks old, this sweetie has Sarcoptic mange. Easily treated, just needs time to heal.
Sad but true, many poor darlings are put to sleep because people don't take the time or energy to treat this parasitic skin problem. He'll be ready to go in about a months time.

Last but not least a group shot of the many puppies here.

They will be available for adoption thru the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago in a few weeks.
By keeping puppies in the Humane Societies we hope to keep people out of the pet shops and from buying Puppy Mill Dogs. I know first hand what a puppy mill looks like.
Words cannot describe what I've seen and their eyes and living conditions will forever be burned into my memory.
Please research your breeders if buying a purebred dog.
I was part of a team of rescuers assisting in a puppy mill bust with HSUS last year. Operation HOPE

Lots more pics to come..
Also, an update on our precious "Noel" I actually was able to get a few new pictures of her!!!
She never stops moving and wags so hard that she actually falls over, so it's just really hard to get good pics of her that aren't a blurrrr:)
Till tomorrow
Blessings & Light to you...
Bernie - do you ever bring your pups to one of the Boston Shelters, such as Buddy Dog in Sudbury? I really need to meet and play with a dog/pup before adopting it - I can watch this site to see if you ever come to Boston with some of your animals,
you are amazing! As soon as I can I will gather up a package and send you something to help your shelter. We have 4 dogs ( 2 of which were saved from a bad situation before they could be used as bait dogs) 3 cats and 2 kids. If I didn't, I would be in my car driving down to meet Noel.
keep up the great work!
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