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Saturday, March 31, 2007
Home again & New Faces....

Whew!!!! Busy, busy, busy..
Got home last Saturday, by Monday was half full & by Wednesday we're full again...
The good news is I got a call on Monday that all our dogs were adopted!!!
Not to mention I was able to deliver Flynn & Cookie to their new forever homes in Wisconsin.
I've also been juggling some health problems of my own, not to mention taking a nasty spill the other day..
No time to whine, I've got dogs to feed:)

Spring has sprung, the grass is growing, flowers blooming and the pounds are full:(
I'm currently bottle feeding 6, now 6 day old pups, we got them on Monday..
This in itself is so time consuming, I'm so tired:) Every 2 hours feedings, cleanings and keeping a watch on their body temps.
Soooo cute though!!!

This is "Diva" and that she is!! I love her eyes they are sooo cool!!
A Border Collie, female, approximately 1-2 years of age. Good with other dogs, super sweet, but very busy!!!

"YoYo" I'm guessing is a Beagle/Basset Hound mix. I guess that would make him a Bagle:) He is just darling!!
Little, compact version of a Basset Hound.
About 15-18 pounds. Approximately 1-2 years of age, male & super shy.. Him & his brother didn't have the best life.
They are very sweet and all it will take is some time and love to bring him around to trust..

"Gumbo" is a male, Beagle. A bit more outgoing than YoYo. Approximately 2-3 years of age.
They both are fine with other dogs.

Stay tuned more dogs to post and auction news..
I just found your site and am amazed at the work that you do. Take care of yourself and your family (furry and human)
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