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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Back From Chicago, now onto Boston

The transport went well and all the pups are up for adoption..
I think this was our biggest transport yet.

I'm back home and headed out to Boston today. It will be 19 hours, plus a few stops.
I'm not looking forward to the drive but I'll have "Momma Valentine" in the car to keep me company.
If you have my cell number give me a call, I'll have plenty time to talk:)
Valentine is my sweetheart, we've had her about a year and a half now and I have to say, that letting her go, is not too easy.
But she'll have her own family and will get the love and attention she deserves. And she does require quite a bit!!
She love to be LOVED!!! Our little stalker, she can be found anyplace she knows you are going to be.
Not to mention she is going to a fellow artist and I'll get updates on her life...
Her are some pics, just to show you how sweet and adorable she is..

If you don't know her story it can be found here
I'll be out of touch for two weeks, so if you need me call my cell.
Blessings and Light to you all..

See you in Topsfield!
Carol, in Mass.
Your original story on Momma Valentine said, "My other accquisition is a Beagle.. She is older maybe 5-7.. Pregnant with who knows what..." and then there is a picture of her here with kittens at her side. LOL! I'm sure there's an interesting story behind THAT one. :-)
The picture of her with the kittens made my heart melt. So precious.

BTW, I just added you to my blog links.

Thank you for all you do.
I love all the dogs you take care of.
I hope to get a dog.
Lauren Adolph (age 6 almost 7)

My daughter Lauren loves your blog and wanted to say "hi".
It is so hard to let them go! Our sweet foster dog, Bina, went to her forever home after being with us for 2 years. We miss her a lot. Keep up the great work.
hey sweetie! I missed you while i was away! Is Momma Valentine with our Stanley in that last photo!!!???

will call you soon!
God bless you for everything you do for animals. People like you are angels on Earth!
Oh my gosh, wish I had read this sooner and knew you were coming to Mass... would have loved to say hello and help out in any way possible. We just got a new foster in on Saturday from TN, Trixie... the princess!
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