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Friday, April 06, 2007
"Boxer Pups"

We just got a litter of 4 Boxer Pups in..
So very sweet & too cute for words, they were pretty skinny & loaded with tick, fleas and pretty much a complete collection of parasites:( Eeeww..
All dogs that come in are dewormed for three days with Panacur and are given all their shots and Frontlined.

Pretty scared when they got here as you can see, but have warmed up to us today and are doing great!!
I swear they are part Kangaroo the way they jump and how active they are!!!
I had a hard time getting clear pics for they kept moving:)

Adorable! Love the close up of Mr. Nosy-Rosy! LOL
Oooohhhh!!! My heart belongs to Boxers!! We've had two now and they are just the BEST dogs!!!!! I hope these get placed quickly. :)
I was just searching around and found your blog. Bless you and all the work you do for these dogs!!! Just incredible. I am so touched by your posts and wish you the best!
oh my goodness!! Look at those adorable faces and sweet little eyes!!!

I have plans dahling---working out deets and will share when I get home from Art and Soul

precious, all of them!! And was shocked & outraged when I read that your local vets give NOTHING off their normal prices for you!

I pray that they will re-consider (or leave town!)

Special prayers for all of your babies!
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