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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Angels Among Us...
"The little Things?" " The little Moments?"
"They aren't Little.."
-Steven Potter

Children never cease to amaze me and this little girl is one I am very proud to know..
Her name is Jacey and she is 4.  She is my youngest foster angel:)
The day these pictures were taken, she said to me:

"Miss Bernie" I am going to be working for you for a very long time, because I love aminals:)
As you can see, they love her too!!  
These are her new foster pups, last I heard, she was teaching school to them.

Jacey's grandparents have become very dear friends in a very short time...
They are all animal lovers and give their hearts and souls to helping anything in need.

More amazing kids are "Sam" & his friends from Minnesota.
Sam decided to have his friends donate to my rescue, instead of receiving presents for his birthday...  WOW!!!  I was just floored by his generous heart.
The world is changing and our young people will make that change!!
Parents leading, teaching and supporting their children make all the difference.
I applaud you all!!!
Sam, did I mention.. "You ROCK!!!"
Thanks a million!!!

And Last but not least a very special Thank YOU to Beth North..
She, her daughter Mia, who is just a wee little one and her mother, all made the most wonderful items to sell at an art show with proceeds going to "A Place To Bark" this past holiday season.
Beth has been another Angel to me..  
She is a metalsmith and made me a keychain that I carry daily.  
The inscription keeps me going, even at my lowest times..

Forever, I am grateful for you all, who are with me in spirit daily:)

We have much in this world that brings sorrow..
What we must focus on is everyday blessings, thru people and their good and gracious actions. They are those that redeem the negativity of this world.  
The negative on a daily basis can bring us down, but good actions, that we know about and participate in, brings us strength.  
My grandfather use to tell me when I would get down and want to give up, was that misery loves company and the only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.  
So everyday, find something good in the world, be it your little ones or the fuzzy companion who depends on you, you make the difference!!!

Off to the next post..

What awesome, selfless kids! Love it! Growing up we lived on a goat farm (with other random livestock & pets)...the closest neighbor was miles away, so many times the animals were my only companions to play with. I had my mom hang a small chalkboard in one of the goat pens so I could "teach" school to my pupils! :) Good memories.
You Rock! and so do those kiddos. I am going to try to come meet you in Chicago. I hope! I hope!
What awesome kids!!!!! When are you coming to Chicago? I live in the western 'burbs!
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