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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Kya's Two.. Double Darlings
 I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed...
Nothing will be impossible for you.
-Matthew 17:20-21

Spring has sprung and so life begins...
"Kya" gave birth yesterday to two little ones:)

Unusual for a big dog to only have two pups. 
It is probably her first litter since she is so young and she was very, very, thin when she came to us.  The two little ones appear to be healthy and she is a good mom.  
She was not to sure about me coming near them at first, but a smelly bowl of soft food changed her mind.  
For myself, chocolate would be my bribe of choice!!  
So if I am growling throw a few bon bons at me:)

As the seasons change, I try to reflect on the past and make plans for the future.
It is so easy for our lives to go off track and fall into patterns that we just get use to, or that may not be the healthiest for us in the long run.  
Lately, finding myself doing just that, taking on more than is healthy to handle, my heart breaking many days knowing that I cannot save all the animals I come in contact with and having to leave many behind.  
Trying to focus on the positive, what we have saved and working with others to the future of a better situation where I live for the animals.  Trying to do so is much easier said than done.  
It is always a battle of the mind and heart for me..

This month I will be trying to restore balance to my life.   
I struggle with this often, but will not give up until I do so:)
I celebrate in the fact that I have friends, fantastic friends who give me strength, who also love art and the animals as I do, so I will start sharing with you their fabulous stories and making a point to honor those of you I have come to know.  
Speaking of fantastic people, check out Zak George's new post which is a darling you tube video called "Sibling Rivalry".  
I so adore him and his doggies!!!  If you love his videos, comment & let him know I sent you his way:)
I wish I could know each and everyone of you personally and would love to hear from you anytime!!!!
Lots of changed and improvements coming in the near future!!
I will be posting links, product and book reviews all animal related.  
We use a lot of animal products and they are all well used and tested here, so I can tell you if things will last and launder well.  So keep visiting us here!!!

I received a wonderful e-mail from "Emma's" new parents, she was adopted the day she was put on the floor.  Her new name is Bailey and she has a brother named Raider.  
The humane society does give out my info when asked and the e-mails I receive from the new owners are what make my day and keep me going.  
To know they are loved and safe makes my heart smile and all the work worthwhile!!!

You won't hear from me till next week, I transport this Thursday.
My thoughts are with those of you at Artfest, I am so sad I'm not there and that I will miss seeing you, but as always these guys come first!!

Till next week...
P.S. do you think my pictures are too big?  Should I make them smaller?

Hello Miz Bernie! It's that spoiled little ChiChi Mama! Click here to see me! http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii192/underthebloodrose/?action=view¤t=chichimama-1.jpg

Cute little pups!!
Hello, Bernie, such cute little fur babies!! And the pictures are purrrfect just the way they are :) The world is a better place because of you, hugs,
Tami R.
Congrats to Mommy Kya! They're adorable.
No, the photos are perfect, don't make them smaller.
What a wonderful job you are doing. I wish I could take them all! God's blessing for strength.
Picture's are just right. The babies look good.So glad mom has you to help. She looks good now to.I know she is happy her babies can find forever homes and live a wonderful life because of her new friend Bernie.
Sending love to all. Hugs to Jeff to.Have a safe transport. Do post when you return .I worry so.
It's good that Kya only had two -- I shudder to think what the strain on her poor starved body would have been with more.

My calmer of choice is coffee ice cream.... :-) With chocolate a close second!

Please do not make the pics smaller. Some of us have old eyes and can't really see the itty bitty pics.
I love the large pictures! Please don't make them small -- the dogs are all so precious.
Pics are perfect - don't make them smaller, may be too hard to see.
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