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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Autumn is here...
"We do not remember day.  We remember moments."
-Cesare Pavese

Can you believe it is October already???
Fall is here and soon it will be winter, the holidays and then a new year...  Wow!!!
Time flies, dogs come and go and I get older:)  
As I reflect with each passing season, my mind wanders to all the faces that have passed thru our place.  I do get lots of e-mails from past adopters &  new owners, and for that I am forever grateful.  
It helps me to continue on, especially when I hear how wonderful their new lives are:)
I get e-mails daily, asking, how it is that I don't get attached and can let them go...
I do get attached, don't think I don't....
It is never easy, they all pull at my heart strings, but my grandfather taught me a life lesson long ago, the memory is still so vivid to me..  
I was just a young child, in second grade.  I had found an injured bird by the school I went to.
I took it home and my grandpa Clyde helped me fix it.  
The day came to let it go and I cried and cried, begging to keep it.  
He held my hand & looked me square in the eye and said, do you love this bird?  
I looked at him with tears welled up in my eyes and quivered yes...  
Then you must love it enough to let it go.  
You must want what is best for it.  You must love and not posses it.  
He then said this: 
God made all creatures for us to love them, care take and do what is best for them.
We did just that and now it is time to set her free, to enjoy it's life.  
As I watched her fly away, I felt as if my heart would never heal and didn't speak to grandpa for a several days..
I didn't understand at the time, but as I grew up, those words, that lesson became a part of who I am. 
Don't get me wrong, I miss each and every animal that leaves here, but I do understand the life lesson and cherish every moment that I have spent with the wonderful pets who cross my path:)  
My grandpa Clyde is gone now, but he is someone I miss everyday of my life..
Now on to the cuties!!!

"Storm" Is a female Jack Russell, approximately 2-3 years of age.  
Outstanding personality and super loyal companion

The Beautiful "Ophelia"  12 weeks old, Catahoula/Shar Pei mix.
Shy and darling, she quietly will walk up to you and sit down at your feet, happy to be there.

Mista "Guido" approximately 10 weeks old, he is just the cutest little guy!!
Full of personality, super friendly, outgoing & always trying to steal a kiss.
Low to the ground, longish body, with a curly tail, I'm puzzled as to what breeds of dog he is..
Any ideas?  Maybe a Puggy Beagle:)

Here we have "Charlie" a male Golden/Lab mix, approximately 7 to 10 years of age.  
Super, energized and quite the talker.  He may have some years behind him, but he is a great companion.   Has finished his heart worm treatment and is ready for adoption.  Found stray, he deserves someplace special to spend his golden years. 

Next to him is "Dolly" A black lab mix.  Approximately 7-9 years of age.  She is a GREAT dog!!!
Loves to go for walks, doesn't need a leash, stays right at your side.  Super social, she loves others.  She does have arthritis in her right front leg, but that doesn't slow her down.  Another wonderful older dog who needs love too, just as much as the puppies...

"Bonita" & "Bronco" are mother and son. She is a female Boxer approximately 2-3 years of age. FABULOUS girl!!! Energetic as most Boxers are, but just sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

"Bronco" is about 10 weeks old.  He is probably a mix.  
Poor guy suffered trauma to his eye and tail.  Eyesight in the left eye is minimal. Lucky for them, they were fostered by a very nice policeman and his wife till I had room for to take them in.  Originally saved by the animal control officer in town.


"Molly" & "Mickey" are 2 of 5 Schnauzers I currently have. They are 2-4 years of age. 
I tell you, it has been a Schnauzer month.  We had 7 in September and now we have these five.  It's kinda weird how they go in cycles with the breeds.  If you go back in my blog you'll see, we had Weims, Great Pyrenees & Bassets just to name a few of the many that show up here in the numbers.

"Rowdy" & "Rosie" are double trouble!!! Aussie/Bully Breed mixes of some sort. 
Unbelievably smart and always up to and into something:) Approximately 12 weeks old.

Last but not least is our miracle boy "Eli". A Shepherd/mix, male, approximately 4 months old. We almost lost him a few times, but he made it!!! 
2 blood transfusions, many trips to the vet's office and lots of love from everyone around here, he is alive and well and ready to be adopted!!! 

That's it for now, many more posts to come...
I'm seeing Corgi in little Guido. My Cousin Mocha (I call my cousin's dog Cousin too) is a Corgi mix of some sort, and he's the most amazing fellow ever. Misunderstood like many herding dogs are, when he finally got room to run and a forever home, he has blossomed into the most amazing creature!
Very good wisdom from your grandfather and those dogs are soooooo cute!
I was going to say some Corgi in Guido, too.

Bronco's daddy might be Shar Pei? Boxer and Shar Pei ... there's a combo.

Just playing guess that dog!

I am sure you already have a group to take the Schnauzers, but incase not, we have one in NJ
best, Denise T.
So darling!! Love Bronco. Don't forget to let me know if you can send some little thing (not a puppy!!) to go with the Blythe auction book for your rescue!! Thanks!
Eli reminds me so much of my own dog ......so cute.
I find it very hard to let go but it makes it easy for me knowing they are going to a good family
I love your message about what your Grandfather taught you. I have other friends in rescue who say the same thing: its always whats best for the dog, not for them.

Great pictures! Looks like you have some wonderful fur-babies right now!

How could I have missed these cute faces. :) I sent a link to my fiance to check them out. :)
What a gorgeous group of dogs! I love the lesson you learned from your grandfather, too. Wise words.
I just love little Eli. He looks to be ever so gently holding up his paw to show his hurt leg. Such a brave little guy. Do let me know about his forever home.
Keep up the good work. You and Jeff do such a great job.
Love to you both.
Nancy A.
Grandfathers have some of the most special places in hearts! I miss mine every single day. I too learned some precious life lessons from him.

Good to hear from you and meet more of your foster kids!
OMG! That first pic is toooooo funny!!!! All of the pups are sooo cute!!! I hope they find good homes soon.
Hi Bernie! YOu may not remember me...but we met at the SLK resin class in Milwaukee...I was sitting next to Jennifer "Jangles"...I stumbled across your blog through the RAEvNs Nest art retreat...so wish I had known about this as I would be there with you now! I haven't had a dog since Madison, our black Schnauzer died in 2006 after living a rich 13 years. These fur-balls are all so sweet and if there were room in my life for a dog I would want any one of them! I am an avid GoodSearch-er and have now made you my charity of choice. I hope to take a class with you sometime as I have so many new things to learn from you! Enjoy the day!
Erin, Tesori Trovati Jewelry
what an absolutely brilliant life lesson to learn from your grandpa... it's hard to let go but so true.
And the dogs here are sooo adorable - look at all those wee smiley faces!
Puts a spring in your step for sure!


What a wonderful lesson from your Grandfather.

I continue to be amazed by your spirit and what you do every day.

God Bless you and the lucky animals that you help!
I've just found your blog. I've read back quite a ways and just had to tell you that I LOVE your blog! Keep up the awesome work!
New pics of ChiChi-Mama in her pink sweatshirt that I took tonight~

It's hard getting pics of her - she barks at the camera...lol

Hope you're well!!
Miz Bella
very cute dogs :)
Hey girl, I think Bronco may be the guy who wants to come live at our place if he's still with you...or maybe Ophelia or Guido, I may have to let Ajak/x decide, actually!

Give me a holler soon so I can head up your way! I'm heading to Philly for a week on the 13th, but other than that, I'm free.
They are sooooo cute! Hope they find their furever homes.

Woofs, Johann
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