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Sunday, August 24, 2008
We're getting it done!!!
"Victory is won not in miles, but in inches.  
Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more."
-Louis L'Amour

Whoo- HOO!!!!  We have concrete, electric & the plumbing lines are in..
I cannot begin to tell you how crazy my week has been...
Family obligations, the shelter being built, call after call about dogs, took in puppy mill dogs, driving cats all over to get them adopted, vet visits, getting ready to transport on Tuesday to Chicago, and trying to catch up on all my paperwork.
It just never seems to end.... But life is like that sometimes, eh?!!
Makes you know you are alive in every way:)
Just a quick post to show you whats going on...

Concrete going in the building.

They did a wonderful job on the concrete, the ledge you see is so there is no back splash when we pressure wash the kennels.  Can't believe how excited I was about the drains:)

Electrical lines being dug & put in.

So much happening, so much to tell, just not enough time to sit and post...
I am working on a bunch of posts and will have them go up automatically each week, so that I won't go so long without posting.  
My sweet friends Brenda and Julia who have offered to help me out with things, to try to catch me up.  LOVE my friends:) 
I will have exciting news the end of September to share with you...
So stay tuned!!!

Also, a BIG, HUGE, THANKS to the folks at Stampington & Company. 
I worked as an artist on call for them, for several years and took a break to build A Place To Bark.  Sometime in the near future I hope to be doing articles and art for them again.

They created this beautiful ad for us and it could not have come at a better time.  
We so need the exposure for our future growth.  It is featured in all their publications this month.  If you are not familiar with their magazines, please check them out HERE.
Art, photography, blogging, sewing, altered art, stamping, they have it all!!

I feel like I am forgetting something, but am starting to nod off..
Gotta get some sleep!!! Nitey Nite:)
Hello again!Very nice add!I allways loved dogs but since my sister got one I came to understand dogs even more.Building is going pretty fast!;-)I loved that you took the time to visit my blog!Tkank you and have a very good week!
woohoooo! Everything is just coming together and tying itself in a pretty bow for you Miz Bernie! The Oompa Loompas and I are so excited for you and the poochies!

I'm so happy to see the progress with the building!

I live in Concord, NH - our local SPCA is over-loaded with cats right now... so - happily I went and got another cat _ making our house full at five felines... I hope everyone in our area goes out and adopts asap... Thank you for all you do!
Hi Bernie,

Bonnie from Ranger here. So happy to see the work in progress, yay! I'm also passing on an "I love your blog" award to you - congrats!

Bernie, This is just wonderful. I am so excited it's all working out. Yippee!!!
Hi Bernie-
So glad things are moving along for you. I know it seems like the list never ends, but you are so right: it lets you know you are alive! And that is a beautiful thing!
Congratulations on the progress on the shelter....it's looking good!
Hope to see you again soon.
Wish I had more time to peruse your site now, but what I have seen - I love :)
WOW! That is awesome. Congratulations!!
Show us more!!Have a great weekend!
Just one thing: the dogs you take care all seem so happy!Today I got an email with a photo that showed two Collies left by their owners in a canil.They looked so sad...I sometimes visit blogs from portuguese organizations that shelter dogs.There are so many dogs there.It breaks my heart to know that some of them will never find a home.I find amazing that dogs connect to people so much.It's something that we all know but it's different when we see it closely with a dog in our family.Great creatures they are...now I go...
Bernie - do you have any recommendations on how to help the animals that might/are left behind in New Orleans with the coming hurricane? is the ASPCA the best place to send donations to help the poor animals? Just want to help in some small way.
Hi Bernie-saw your ad. Hope you got my email about the sale of the Blythe & Friends book...if not let me know...waiting to hear from you before I list it.
Awesome! You are truly amazing Bernie!
wowee so much has been done since my last visit it's lookin' fantastic. Your furry friends are gonna love it!
Your recent dog pics are just so so lovely and those bloomin' puppy mills - makes me despair.....

Hugs from across the pond
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