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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Kobie gets a new home..
"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
-Hebrews 11:1

On the go, from the road...
Claudine made this little graphic of me with the dogs:)

Don't you love wireless!!!
I started writing this post a few days ago, sitting outside with my friend Monica's house in Chicago.  
I overnited there, on my way to Wisconsin to adopt "Kobie" to his new home. Actually, his new owner is a repeat adopter, they adopted "Harvey" from me last year. Amazing how time flies, it seems like just yesterday, that I took Kobie and Kya from the pound. 
Having to carry Kobie out, because he was so weak & malnourished, he could barely stand.  Now isn't he just the most stunning dog!!!  
Still a bit shy, but getting better with each passing day. 
The picture below was taken the day I rescued Kobie and Kya from the pound.

This is the Kobie today!!!

A big smile, for everyone who helps me save these guys:)

This was the last picture I took of Kya and her kids, before I took them to Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago.  
I was fortunate enough to meet one of the families that adopted them, the day I was there.

I am now at "CHA", seeing all the new art & craft products in the industry, will be doing a book signing for F+W publications booth #1817 tomorrow from 10a.m. to 11 a.m. They will be giving away limited copies of my book.  
It is always great to see all my friend in the art field, it just never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies... half the year is already gone.

Now, Finally!!! Thanks for being patient with me, the winners to my blog giveaways:

The 4 x 4 painted canvas goes to:  Mary LaBontel
The 2 books go to: Funky Finds & Tara Ross Studio
The 3 collage packs go to:  Harley Dee, Dejablu503 & Groovy Holly
Please send me your mailing information and I will send the items out next week when I get home..

I'm very lucky to have Jeff, Terry & my vet clinic taking care of all the critters while I am on the road... So Thank you guys!!!  
Without Jeff & Terry at home, holding down the fort, I don't know what I would do.  
Well, yes.. I do, I wouldn't be able to leave, to work:(
I tell them all the time, how much I appreciate it, but sometimes it is just nice to be appreciated in print:) So here you are!!!

Here is another fun pet link to My Friend's Pet Boutique blog.
Brook, is currently watching Freedom for me while I am at the show, she called to tell me that she got her a new dress.
A far cry from the puppy mill she was taken from, she is being spoiled & is playing with 2 English Bulldogs & 2 Boston Terriers.
I wanted to give you something to smile about so check out this funny youtube that was taken the weekend they were at a dog show: "Dogs playing on Brook's head in the Morning"

Since I have been gone my cell has been ringing non stop, with requests to take dogs and puppies..  
So looks like I'll be busy when I get home.  Eeeek!!

Till tomorrow, much love...

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wow you're one busy lady, have fun at CHA wish I could'have been here...
He's *gorgeous*!

pssst...I'm home for good now, I need to come up sometime...or y'all come down my way when you're home!
you had a giveaway?? oh poo I missed it@
Thank you for all the work you do!!!

I have rescues 5 dogs from various circumsances and it is worth it:)

These doggies -- so amazing, so inspirational!! You do amazing work with these wonderful doggies!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having fun at CHA! Your Claudine artwork piece here is SO CUTE!!!!!!!
what a great thing you are doing! I'm an artist and dog lover too. I would love to have a rescue but my wife says she'd get too attached to the dogs and we'd never give them away! we have 3 beagles and a cat. Keep up the great work!
oooh, I won, I am so excited!!! Where do I find your email to send you my info?

love the pic of you and the kiddies in the love bug! Hope CHA is fun and a break for you ;)
Bernie - I gave you an award at my blog. musingsoncollage.blogspot.com
Do you still need my address?
poke poke

call me :) and I sent you a friend request on Facebook

big hugs and kisses to you ... keep up the fantastic work you do Bern!

poke poke

call me :) and I sent you a friend request on Facebook

big hugs and kisses to you ... keep up the fantastic work you do Bern!

Bernie, it is so beautiful how the dogs smile when they look at you - such love and happiness, I always love looking at the before and after shots, the amazing contrast...

How is the emaciated dog and the dehydrated pups?

Oh Bernie, bless you for all the hard work you do on behalf of all the critters(an your helpers!), it is lovely to see these guys smiling after looking so sad!
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