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Monday, June 16, 2008
How BIG is your heart???

"What the Lion is to the Cat, the Mastiff is to the Dog.
The noblest of the family, he stands alone and all others sink before him.
His courage does not exceed, his temper and generosity,
In attachment he equals the kindest of his race."
Cynographia Britannica - 1800

This post is about a week old, but if you know me I am always trying to catch up on my life:)
So much to say, but posting takes time as most of you know that keep blogs and websites.

Do you have room in your heart and home for some BIG girls?
These sweet darlings are looking for homes. 
I have been in contact with "Friends of Rescued Mastiff"
and hopefully together we can find forever homes, for these girls.
These Mastiffs are, roughly between the ages of 2-4 and 110-166 pounds. 
That's a whole lot of dog!!!
They are wonderful, but be ready to pick up large piles and keep a towel around for lots of drooley kisses.  Not to mention, to please really think long term on, is this breed right for me.
The Sumner County Sheriff’s detectives seized 44 dogs, during visits to several dog breeding operations in Sumner County, following complaints received concerning the treatment of animals.  
That is where these girls came from.
I took these pictures early last week, but couldn't bring them here right away since I was getting everyone ready for transport & would be on the road gone. 
The sheriff's department & "The Hairy Moose" had been housing all the seized dogs for several weeks.  These were the last 4 that weren't adopted out.

I have two of the four here now and they are sooooo sweet.
I won't kid you, they will need homes that will understand the breed and the circumstances they came from.  The two girls I have here are kept separate, but love, love, love, people. 
Loud noises scare them, but I believe we can build their confidence and eventually socialize them to each other.  It takes time and work, but nothing is impossible, with love, understanding and the proper training.
Please do your research and be completely honest with your self about your true expectations and time constraints when adopting a dog.
If you have any questions or would like to more about the breed, this Mastiff rescue website has a fantastic F.A.Q. page.
Or this website which talks about the good, the bad & concerns you may have about the breed.


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