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Sunday, November 29, 2009
GREAT NEWS: Xmas Miracle!!! Matching GRANT!!!
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

My Ten Year journey doing animal rescue has been one of Faith, Hope, Miracles & a belief in the greater good...
Just when things seem to be the darkest, you turn a corner & realize it was just a test of Faith:)

I received a phone call on Thanksgiving, from Patricia Zoline.
Over the years she has become a very, very, dear friend & huge supporter of "A Place To Bark". Her deep committed belief in this cause, me & of saving LIFE.
I could have never gotten so far or saved so many, without her foundation's financial support.
Not to mention her open door, when ever I have had a bad day...
For that I am FUREVER grateful:)

Well, now she is giving us the chance to make our DREAM COME TRUE for the animals!!!
From November 29th to December 31st
The "Zoline Foundation" will match dollar for dollar up to $23K!!!
If we can raise the extra $23k we can finish the shelter!!!
Despite all the financial hardship we've had this year, we have hung on and endured, clinging to a Hope & Dream...
All the contests we entered this year, didn't get us to where we needed to be, but this is a sure thing and will get the job done!
Your donation dollars will be doubled, what could be better than that:)
We are so, so, very close!!! Won't you help us, reach our goal & finish the shelter?
Please ask your friends, relatives, everyone & anyone who LOVES animals and believes that Life is precious & should not be put to sleep needlessly.
Winter is upon us, we NEED this now!

We sit on 20 acres with 10,000 square feet of kennels.
If we can save 600+ in a years time & an unfinished shelter, just think how much more we could do in a finished one!!!
Please, please, if ever I needed all my animal loving friends it's now...
This will be the beginning of something so AMAZING for animals in need, please help us spread the word!!!

If we all pitch in, we can create the BEST TEMPORARY HOME or permanent if needed.
A place of healing and LOVE with the BEST atmosphere, for these poor creatures who would be put to sleep needlessly had we did not taken them in.
Christmas IS everyday of the year here, celebrating LIFE!!!

Follow what I do here daily on:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/aplacetobark
Twitvids: http://www.twitvid.com/videos/aplacetobark
Our Facebook Cause:http://tinyurl.com/ydbtcwq

The BEST is yet to come!!!
Saving lives everyday!!!

Some of our link:
A Place To Bark Website

Thank you for reading, your kind words & on going support...
If you cannot donate, please just spread the word & create awareness!!!
Till there are no more homeless animals... Rescue, Foster & ADOPT!!!

(Edit) ONE DAY LEFT: All donations matched to 23k till December 31st.
We need to meet the 23k to get the match. Whatever is short, that money will not be matched.
Currently we are about 13k short of the match. So if we don't generate the 13k which would come out to be 26k with the match, that would be lost. All that is already donated we will receive, just to clarify any confusion:)
But I have Faith that if we all join together we can make miracles happen!!! We have so far...
Sorry for such a short post, I can't begin to tell you how busy we are with all the animals in our care. Will update soon!!!
. i believe in santa claus .

. that faeries do exist .
(one is named patricia)

. that miracles happen .
(ask any fuzzy at a place to bark)

. and i believe that a single tiny christmas ::miracle::
. can change ten thousand worlds & never stop .

. squeezing my eyes tight for you .
.. : wishing on a christmas star: ..
* * -^--^- * * zu
Fabulous....many thanks to Patricia for matching my donation!!!
This is such wonderful news!
I just made a donation in for my daughter's with her name and hope it helps.
Hugs, Donna
you have my dream job! only i could never give them away, i'd want them to snuggle in bed with me every night! :)
Do we have to donate through the Six Degrees org. for it to count? Can we just send a check to you? Sending you love and best wishes.
Just donated to your kennel. It's the least I could do. Thank you for your dedication to our anipals.
Made a donation!
Keep up the good work!

Merry Christmas! Just made a donation, so wonderful to have a matching funds opportunity!

I am always in awe of the work you do! You are truly a guardian angel to so many beautiful dogs and cats.
Bernie, Just wanted to let you know that for all the eBay auctions I list thru the end of this year, I'll be donating a % to A Place to Bark (thru eBay's MissionFish program)!

You're doing great things, keep it up!
Bernie...I donated, but then today I heard you had an ebay auction going too. Where is it? Please don't forget us dinosaurs who won't get sucked into the facebook/twitter black hole. Good luck! I'm spreading the word as much as I can!
You are doing great job.
Thank you..
keep it up
omg Bernie - is that ChiChi in the pic kissing the other doggie? You know she's forevuh grateful to you for saving her - and so am I for placing her with me!

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