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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Operation Bark "A Place To Bark" HELP US In our "REVOLUTION FOR LIFE"!!!

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing
because you can only do little,
Do what you can"
~Sydney Smith

The months that have past have been a true test of Faith for me as always, time passing faster & faster, moments gone in a blink of an eye...
A struggle of my mind & heart, but even more so with the recent loss of my mother.
My emotions running high & deep, each and everyday.
Looking into the eyes of those that cannot speak, but yet, I know what they say...
The emotional exhaust that comes with taking care of hundreds of animals yearly, but also the elation that follows, when they are adopted, loved & held in the arms of their new families.
The phone calls, pictures & Love, THAT is what keeps me going...
Focusing on the good, the end result of all the work.
You can just imagine what it's like....
Knowing the dark side of the world, but also knowing that there is HOPE for all these animals if people work to save them!
The unfair side of what I see, is where life is put to sleep needlessly for mere dollars, while it costs hundreds to save.
Life isn't fair, many things can change if we come together to make a difference for these helpless animals.

This is where I need you, to help me fight & make a statement with the numbers saved!!!
Fight to save these animals from a needless death...
Our rescue is in need of serious donations to keep taking in the hundreds of animals we do yearly.
Please, I hate asking for money or help, it is not for me, it is for these animals I rescue.
Just think.... I struggle everyday with funding, but yet we still save & continue to rescue.
IF we had an endowment, enough money to pay the vet bills, buy a transport vehicle & finish the shelter how many more we would save!!!

For a mere $10.00 monthly /or more, if we could get 1000/ or more people to do this recurrent donation, we really could make a huge impact & create this program into a national model.
Currently we are working with 2 shelters & 3 others (one as far as Nova Scotia) are willing to take our dogs into their adoption programs.
So life is waiting for these dogs on death row at every animal control in the nation, they just need someone to step up & take responsibility for their lives like we do here.
It takes work, but the end result is LIFE!
Please consider making the ten dollar or more monthly donation to "A Place To Bark" thru Network For Good or PayPal & help us save the lives of these precious pets!!!

Please spread the word about our campaign.
Ten dollars can help us save LIVES!
It's up to us to make a difference in this world!!!
The Power of ONE + One= The power of EVERYONE!!!

This picture says it all: Love & Life lives on because of your donation!

More in depth blog posts to come....
You will see everyday where your donations go!

(The mom & puppies in the 1st photo will be available at our partnering shelter Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago next week)
Like Ur Video Very Much ....
That's a great quote in the header. I've heard it phrased as "Do not make the mistake of thinking that you cannot do anything because you cannot do everything," but it's the same message -- and so vital to remember. Thanks!
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You are truly an angel good luck from dogs in Brazil. We are fighting for street dogs and face the same financial battles as you. We are losing ours right now too.
The most wonderful and true saying - my heart....your sight is so touching .... I've spent the last week trying to do bits and pieces to chip at making a difference - the local shelter, Hospice, needy families in my area ...but when I see these faces = my heart. Thankyou, Jenn
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