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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Did you hear?? The DOGS RULE Auction is LIVE!!!!
"There is no such thing as a self made man. You reach your goals only with the help of others."
-George Shinn

YoWzA, WOW!!!  Tell ALL your friends!!!!  Our art auction is beginning and LIVE!!!

A VERY Special THANKS to Jill Beninato & ALL the artists that made this happen!!!

Where has all the time gone??? 
As you can tell from the slow down of blog posts, I have been busy beyond words...
But we are saving lots of lives and that is counts:)
My life has been blessed in many ways..
The love & friendships truly make "A Place To Bark" what it is today..
For that, I am FOREVER grateful!!! 
Yes, I know I have said this many times before, I do, I am and I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Every story, Every animal saved is because people cared enough to do something, just a little something to help... 
The collaborative efforts add up, equal change & hope for our furry friends. 
From spreading the words of rescue, spay/neuter, donating art, helping with our contests, creating & updating our website, to shamelessly asking for money during contests to help us win and the young people who give so selflessly, you are the hope for the future of these animals in so many ways!!! It all counts, every little good deed and action:) THANK YOU!!!

Our "Dogs Rule Fatbook" is on auction and LIVE right now, for only a few more days, so please "CLICK HERE" to go straight to the auction... 
The book is a FABULOUS compilation of art done by 13 artists. 
This Link takes you to a previous blog post about this wonderful book:)

The following video was done by the very talented Rebecca Collins for the auction. 
She compiled footage that was taken about a year and a half ago from a few YouTube videos I've done. 
We have changed and grown since then. Then 2700 square feet of kenneling to just over 4000 & we now have a new 30x60 building.
She gives you a look into our rescue, the artists behind the book and some thoughtful audio on why Dogs Rule.

Just a little something to smile about!!!
These are just a few of our many rescues, currently here, waiting for their forever homes... 

"Sam" A male Springer Spaniel approximately 3-5 years of age.  Housebroken, crate trained, loving, laid back & just the perfect companion!!

"Jake" A male lab mix approximately 1-3 years of age.  Super loving!!!  Great guy, but whoa!!! 
Lots of energy!!! Got any runners out there:)

"Bootie" who loves to have his bootie in the water bucket:)  Male Boston Terrier approximately 2-4 years of age.  Funny guy who absolutely LOVES people, not so keen on other dogs.  
He thinks he is a person..  NOT housebroken, was an outside dog.  
((Don't these people know, that Bostons are not meant to live outdoors, but in people houses & beds:))

"Rocko" is a male pug mix.  Approximately 12 weeks old.  
He is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! 
You can tell by the look on his face he will get into all kinds of trouble, but will kiss your whole face to make you forgive him:)

"King" is a male White Doberman with blue eyes.  Approximately 1-2 years of age.  Previously heartworm positive he is on the road to recovery thanks to my friend Shirley who not only rescued him, but paid for his treatment.  He will be available for adoption in 2 weeks. 
LOVING, good with other dogs, he is a huge puppy!!! Non stop energy, it has been a huge challenge keeping him quiet during his ongoing treatment.

"Lola & Liza" are pug mixes.  They 2 are part of a litter of 7 pups.
I had to hold them back for a bit, but now are ready to go!!!  SUPER kissey these girls are sure to win your heart:)

It's because of you that we can do, what we do!!!
Will be posting an updated YouTube of the current dogs here, the inside of the shelter and an update on where we are, with finishing the shelter..  
In the meanwhile visit our YouTube channel and see all the past videos:)

Stay Tuned!!!  MORE updates coming...

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beautiful faces.Homes for Christmas will be so nice. The auction is going good.
Hugs to you for all you do to help these sweet guys. They give back so much love.You have been blessed with a gift that you are using. This is what you are meant to be doing.
That shelter will be up and running soon.
Nancy A.

Your idea for your art auction to help the shelter is wonderful. Hope you make lots of $$. Give me a shout if you need an artist for the next one.

All the best,
Susan Calvert
OMG - I love Rocko! They're all gorgeous and it's my dream to be able to do what you're doing. You're my hero, thanks so much for all you do!
Good luck on the auction! I'm going to check it out! The dogs are so cute, I wish I could take one home with me.
I wish I had the money!!!!!;-)I am going to see it but I am so broke...to live on my drawings is not easy...:-(...I love your blog!
sam is just too pretty. i used to have a springer spaniel, and i miss him every day. they're perfect companions. if i could afford two animals right now, i'd take him home with me. sigh.
Those two little girls sure do look like puggles to me :)
How sweet, they are the best dogs I currently have 2 and if space was not a issue I would definatly have more!
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