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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Thank You!
You are my Angels...I am grateful everyday that I can continue to help those who cannot help themselves.I am grateful for the trust and belief in my vision that has been bestowed upon me by friends, fellow artists, animal lovers and those whom I have only met thru e-mail and internet.

Because of you....I have been able to: Vaccinate, fix, heal, train and find forever homes for animals that would otherwise be put to sleep or end up in places that would not be in their best interests.

Every passing day is an emotional rollercoaster of Love and Loss. Testing my Faith daily, life makes me journey inward to look for answers on how to change things, make them better and a test of not giving in to blaming others. Blame is easy, finding answers, solutions and forgiveness is hard. Establishing boundaries is even more difficult, for my heart wants to save everything, but truly no one person can.

Trying to find balance in an environment of unspeakable things is challenging.I will be leaving to transport the 17 dogs to Wisconsin tomorrow. They all have a place to go, which makes me happy!! 10 hours in a carload of dog... (I'm gonna need some air freshener:) (((giggles)))I'll be gone for a week or more, but will check in when I get back.

I want to Thank those of you that sent donations via paypal and in medical supplies!! Every little bit helps and each donations means so much. Be it a dollar or a hundred dollars, every little bit means so very much.

If you sent supplies, PLEASE send me an e-mail with your contact information so that I can send you a receipt of donation so that you can write the donation off at the end of the year.For those of you that sent money via paypal, I have your info and will have receipts to you by June.

Sorry,so slow to respond.. I'm organized, just behind on getting everything done with all my deadlines for publication and the animals.

I know so many of you want to help, but money is tight, that is fine, prayers are wonderful too!! I need those daily!!I will be posting the official call for art soon, in regard to our art auction in June and October. It will be called "Artists Unleashed" Artists Coming together to Build a Shelter.If you would like to donate art I will post all the specifics soon!!

A Big Thanks to my friends and fellow animal lovers for their help and support:To: Claudine Hellmuth, who is redoing my journal, not only making it beautiful but functional too!! To: Barbe Saint John did the donation button!!! I don't think I would have been able to figure out.. I'm not really too good on a computer..Thanks again a million, billion times from the bottom of my heart!!!! You make my heart smile...

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