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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Feline Friends..
Here is some of the precious cargo waiting to be adopted at our place:
Heavenly: Female, White, med/long hair tabby. Approximately 4-6 months of age. Outgoing, sweet and has the most beautiful eyes.

Boo: Male, Black, Pixie Bob with the cutest overbite. Approximately 5-8 months of age. Always your constant companion. Shadowing your every move. He only wants to be right by your side.

Charmed: Female, dilute grey, med/long hair tabby. Appoximately 5-9 months of age. Super Loving, with a shy side.
Good with other cats. Loves looking out windows and enjoying the sunshine.

Bliss: Female, Snowshoe/mix. Approximately 6-10 months of age, she is independent and not needy in personality. Beautiful and knowing it:)

Gertie, Grizelda & Gretta: We have 3 female, slate gray, what looks like Russian blue kittens. Approximately 12weeks in age. Amazingly calm for kittens. Loving, always wanting to climb in your lap and be held..

Alchemy and kids: Female, black, domestic shorthair, approximately 1-3 years of age. Starved when she came here, her malnourishment has caused her to dry up, leaving no means to feed her little ones.

We are currently bottlefeeding them.
They are mostly grey & black with one little white one. They will be ready for adoption in about 6 weeks.

If you have room in your life for one of our little darling, just let me know!!!
oh the sweet little babies!! Our Stan is doing great and we can't thank you enough for him, we love him so much!
So great all of them got adopted this time.

I sent my art to you for the auction yesterday, I hope you will get it soon.
Hi, I would like to know more about Boo. You see I have a very beloved black pixiebob and he too has an overbite. Has Boo been adopted yet? I also have some Unused syringes used for my cat's diabetes meds which I no longer need. I have a whole box of them unopened becasue they changed my Billy's meds and these are the wrong size. I would be more than glad to send them to you if you want them. Let me know about Boo. If he has not found a home I think it is time for my husband and I to talk about adopting a new baby!!!! Mary Johnson, Chattanooga Tennessee
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