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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Home again, home again..

I'm back from my transport trip. Tired but very happy.. It was one of those weeks that you wish wouldn't end.
My animals were adopted, I spent time with family and good friends, adopted a puppy to my one of my best friends Monica & got work done at our other house in Wisconsin.
I also had the privledge to meet the woman who adopted Mr. Binky who is now renamed Tyler. He no longer looks like a worn blanket, but looks like a dog who is loved and very spoiled:) Helen, Tyler's mom, also adopted Sylvia from us this past weekend. So two of my babies are living with her and her happy family in Chicago. I couldn't ask for more...
As soon as I get pictures of the two together, I'll post them.

I'll be getting ready for another trip in two weeks. We've been blessed with so many wonderful animals and contacts, as tiring as these trips can get, it is so worth it when you hear from the adoptive families and how much they are loved and bring love..

My little Pug Mr. Magoo is doing GREAT!!!
Amazing what a few weeks, a good vet, a little loving and the correct meds can do..
It still will be a month or two before he is available for adoption.
I already have applications coming in, so who ever gets him will be a very lucky person:) He is such a doll!!

I'll post a cat and kitten post in a day or so..
We have so many cuties just waiting for homes.
Art work for the auction is coming in and I'm just so blown away, I can't wait to share!!!
It will probably be Monday, before I can post, I have a very important things to do with the animals this weekend.
So till then,
Blessing and Light to you all..

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