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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Puppy Love: Giggles, Pinky, Sophie
I've been meaning to post pictures of the puppies..
The three litters that were delivered here were on September 5, 9 & 14th.
Time passes so quickly..
They are becoming quite the active bunch and are developing their individual personalities.
I'm always in awe of mother dogs. The devotion and dedication.. The clean up.. Ewww:)
These mothers have been outstanding.
The two mothers Giggles and Pinky were part of the 4 dogs left for a month without food and water.
Truthfully, I did not know they were pregnant because you could count each and every bone on their little bodies when they first arrived. And even if I did know, I just personally don't have the heart to abort a litter. I know many rescues & humane societies do, but I personally just can't. Pinky is starting to put on some weight, but Giggles is still nothing but bones. You can't tell too much, because she has so much hair. Once the pups are weaned, I'm sure she'll turn around.
They are too cute for words...
Giggles & pups:

Pinky & pups:

Sophie, has little Shepherd/Golden pups from what we can guess. She is so sweet and is already adopted!!
Her adoptive family, John and Patricia Bolton are excitedly awaiting her arrival which, we're hoping to get her to Massachusetts in early November.
You can read about her going to Massachusetts in the near future on the editors blog:
Click here read Sophie's upcoming adoption soon to be posted.

Beautiful mothers and beautiful babies and heres hoping for loving homes for all.
oh those sweet puppy eyes! i wish i was there to take in all the adorable puppy breath!!!
O my ! they are soooo cute. I wish I was in a place right now that I could adopt. Maybe next year... :) I will def. be contacting you when I can!
You are one of God's helpers : )
forget about the puppies! :) you look gorgeous in this pic, you look like a teenager! xo!!
oh my god I love da poooppooosss!!!
Ohh this makes me so sad...but glad rescue happened
Oh I cried when I read this....but glad that they were rescued!
Ohh so sad to read this...but glad they were rescued
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