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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Art Auction Update

The art auction is being moved back a few weeks. I'm truly sorry, but it is more work than I anticipated.
I thought I could get everything photographed, uploaded and listed myself in between chores, dogs and assignments.
The upcoming trips & transports have delayed me, but the auction will happen the week after Thanksgiving.
November 20th thru the 30th.
Not to mention I have had numerous artists ask if they could still send art in..
So please feel free to do so.
I always seem to be behind and hope to someday catch up with my life:)
The art is Fabulous and will be well worth the wait!!! I'm trying very hard to take the best photographs possible and that also takes some work.
I will be offline the next 4 days due to my computer needing some work, but promise to post as soon as it is working again.
Till then..
I am really happy to hear this as I am running very late to send you something!
Bernie, would it help if those of us who kept a pic of our art work before mailing e-mailed it to you? Cindy :)
Looking forward to bid. Will there be a link from your blog?
Loved seeing two of my daughters pieces on your blog ( egg collage an microscope slide charm with dog )
hey hun.. it's _jax_ from livejournal. i don't use it anymore but i still read your blog on your site. i just wanted to let you know that since you are pushing the auction back you will be getting something from me very soon. i'm so happy i'll be able to help out too. i had a busy month last month. :)
Argh. I didn't get my art sent in. I have a couple of handmade cloth dolls if you still want them. I feel terrible I got caught up in all the school/work/artshow madness and didn't make my deadline. :-( Let me know if you still want stuff.
How will we be able to visit the auction on ebay? What name do you post under?
artfest 07 newbie
I think the new dates for the auction will be even better, as more people will be thinking about holiday gifts. I can't wait to see all the amazing art and will be urging my blog readers to bid and buy! : )

Bernie, I've said it before, but as you said, one can't say thank you too often.

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