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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It never ceases to amaze me, how much I learn with every passing year that I do rescue.
When I first started out, I started doing Jack Russell rescue. The breed is a challenging breed, not for everyone, but oh how much fun, wonderful little brilliant creatures they are, once you understand that they are not suppose to train you, which most times they do!!
As my rescue has evolved over the years and we no longer do breed specific rescue, but try to save as many good dogs, no matter what their breed, I learn something new everyday.
I'm posting pictures our our new guest here: Cowboy. He is a Bloodhound or Bloodhound/mix when they come from the pound we can never be sure. Male, approximately a year old.
I've named him this because he is such a busy guy, just wanting to sniff things out..
So much so he doesn't pay any mind to me and will start working, strong like a bull, he dragged me to the ground and kept going:) What came to mind was a cowboy being pulled behind a horse..
He's a doll!! Is fine with other dogs, loving, fearless almost took me over a six foot wall the other day.
His only thing is that he has a cherry eye. Not a huge deal, easily taken care of with a simple surgery.
I'm putting these pics up for those agencies I have contacted to give him a real working job.
This is a picture of him at the pound.

Now you see why I couldn't just leave him..
aaww he's great!!! Look at that sweet face! Sure we can't keep that one Bern? :D

what a sweetie! my chihuahua had to have both her eyes operated on for cherry eye. it totally freaked me out, but it was no big deal at all. just scared the heck out of me to see!
I am just in such awe of your dedication and never-ending quest to help these animals. You are a true and sparkling example of a soul that appears to deepen through intense dedication. I grew up with a Bloodhound in our family (and various other creatures). Her name was Meg and she was the most lovable, loyal, funny and sensitive dog I can ever recall. Well..next to my current pitbull-mix-rescue-diva Bailey, the complete love of my life.
Anyway, Bernie, thank-you for all you do. Someday if it is logistically possible, I would like to make my next adoption through you with one of your beautiful wee souls in need of a little more peace and security, already so quickly transformed by you (seen in their expressions one day later). You have the best job in the world, and the world has the very best in you!

p.s. apologies for mushiness, it's so not like me!
OMG...look at those sad eyes at the pound, and look at him now! What a cutie, and I love the name "Cowboy"! He's one rootin', tootin' pardner that anyone would love to have!
Bern, you know me and my hounds, you just gotta love 'em:)
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