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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Luv them BIG!!! & updated news..
Just a quick update on some of the new faces:
Brandy who is a female St. Bernard approximately 2-4 years of age. SUPER sweet!! Big, well behaved, loving and funny!!!
I always take pictures of the dogs right when I pull them from the pound and then pictures later. It never ceases to amaze me the change that takes place, once they are out. It's all in the eyes and their smiles:)

Mister Mac has been very busy helping with kitten duty. I feed and he cleans their little faces. He's just my best little helper.

It seems like just yesterday that all the puppies were just born.. Now they are almost ready to go.
Pinky's puppies are growing so fast.. Their soooo cute!! Another couple of weeks and they'll be up for adoption.

Sophie's puppies have been weaned and will be leaving for the Humane Society in Chicago very soon and Sophie& I will be leaving to bring her to her new family in Boston on November 9th.

Click here read Sophie's upcoming adoption soon to be posted.

Giggles Puppies will soon be up for adoption as well, I have to get around to taking a new picture of all of them, but for now here is just a cute one, of two out of the five.

Gidget: Boxer, female approximately 1 year of age. SUPER HIGH ENERGY!! She needs training and will need a consistent and structured environment.
Sweet and Loving she needs LOTS of play time.

There are many more, please e-mail or call if you are looking for something in particular, this is just a few of the many looking for forever homes. I wish I could post everyone and everything, but my time to post is limited.
Nitey nite..
Oh Pinky & her puppies are adorable! All the dogs look fabulous. So wonderful to see the transformation that takes place with just a little love & care!!!
hopefully, when gus and kitty are settled and ready to take in a brother or sister we can take another baby in. until then ....we will do our best to give all the support we can...even if it's just prayer. xoxoxo Bernie, you're the best!!!!
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