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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
With Gratitude...

As the seasons are changing and I take a moment to reflect over the year that is quickly passing, I'm so very grateful...
For good friends, new friends, animal lovers, artists who give so lovingly of their time and talents, fellow rescuers and those of you that read my blog.
The kind notes, donations, stories of beloved pets and all the good energy that has been sent my way, keep me doing what I'm doing. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think you can say Thank you or appreciate others too much..

Lately I've been doing a more than usual, so much so, I've lost 12 pounds this last month without really trying:)
I haven't posted much lately do to the overwhelming number of animals we have taken in.
I think this next transport will be the biggest one yet. I couldn't do it without the constant support, so THANK YOU ALL for making these trips possible. Costly as they are, it saves lives and that is priceless..

Please know that even though, I don't post as often as I should and am constantly behind, my thoughts are with all of you.. It's tough being a one person rescue, but I'm working on that and will be merging my rescue with another, so that I have help and vice, versa. These past few years have had a learning curve, learning what my limits are, the hardships of running a rescue, time management and the financial challenges. With dreams and doing things that make a difference, we learn, hard as things can be at times, we have to start somewhere and with time our dreams can come true...
This I believe and the past years have shown true. It all starts with intention.

The puppy mill dogs are finally in the last stages of criminal case and will be going to new homes soon.
I've taken part in helping to care for them, while they were being warehoused during the court proceedings.
Their little eyes grab at your soul and you're heart is never quite the same again..
This is a local update and at the bottom is film footage.
If you watch closely, you'll see a quick cameo of me applying for one of the dogs. The little one that stole my heart and that I was applying for, when they were filming is a geriatric Chihuahua named Daisy. She stole my heart..
Tiny, old, all teeth gone and just needing a soft place to lay & someone to pamper her..
If I get her, she'll be my little muse, spending her time with me in my art studio.
Click here to see update on local coverage of the puppymill dogs.
The Humane Society of The United States & Nashville Humane has played such a big part in helping these animals.
The teams of vets that came from all parts of the country to fix the hundreds of animals are part of the HSUS team.
I'm proud to recommend both organizations if you are looking to donate to good causes.
Click here to see updated HSUS report on the puppymill dogs.

Art Auction News: I have amazing artwork!! Thanks to all the wonderful artists that give so unselfishly!!!
These stories that I write with the happy endings are because of people like you...
By working together we can make great things happen for the animals:) Here are a few items to get excited about!!

I'm working on getting it up and running. I have my paperwork in to Mission Fish, so soon we will be official on E-bay if anyone wants to auction in our name. I'll keep you posted on our progress..

I just received my authors copy of my New ATC Book. I'm pretty excited and hope that if you are going to purchase it, you will do so, by just clicking the Amazon link in my sidebar. The rescue will get then get proceeds from the sale..
Every little bit helps!!
I'm currently working on a new book for the upcoming year, it will be on Egg art. A bit of everything for the egg enthusiast.

Gotta run..
Will post new faces and stories later tonite.
Blessings and Light to Everyone of you!!!
AwwWWW! Bernie! I saw you applying for Miss Daisy!! I HOPE you get your sweet Daisy!!! Keep us posted! Love and prayers to YOU and Jeff and all the critters! Thank YOU! for doing what YOU do!!! oxoxox
So happy to hear the puppy mill rescued pups will soon be able to go to loving homes. You, your husband & all the pets are always in my heart!
cannot wait until the auction begins!! i will be out of town but am taking the laptop to keep tabs on the auction!! i hope to get to your wonderful place next year...
take care sweet girl and love for all that you and your hubby-jeff do
from me and my pack...
cannot wait until the auction begins!! i will be out of town but am taking the laptop to keep tabs on the auction!! i hope to get to your wonderful place next year...
take care sweet girl and love for all that you and your hubby-jeff do
from me and my pack...
OMG!!! Bernie!!! The left hand page of the ATC book you opened- has my ATC on it!!!!! And I just got mine back from Northlight- wow..super neat people to work with- my mental gears are turning for a possible proposal.

anyway - just read through your latest blog notes...the animals and their stories and YOU- are SOOO amazing. May hugs and love and many halo's surround you always....love and love XXOXOXOXO
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