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Monday, December 04, 2006
Art Auction News..

Looks like I've run out of time again:(
Too many incoming dog, getting dogs on transports to the east coast and an unexpected family emergency..
I have to leave tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. to do my last transport of the year to Chicago. So I'll be 10-12 hours on the road. The van we usually rent was crashed into a wall and at the last minute, so only thing the rental place could do was give us 2 mini vans. They are so small compared to the large cargo van and not to mention I needed another driver, but beggars can't be choosers. We need to get the dogs to the Humane societys in Chicago and Wisconsin so they can spend a Merry Christmas with new families!! So off we go!!
Luckily enough our friend Barb will be driving the second van and then coming back. Thanks Barb!!!
My husband gets to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house for a few days.

The auction will be ongoing for the next two weeks. Please check back to the auction, there is so much FABULOUS Art I would hate anyone to miss a chance to own one of these pieces.
Many of which have been featured in magazine articles and so many artists that stay quiet to themselves but oh... what Outstanding work they make!!
When I return I will load and post the remaining auction items and there are ALOT!!! Boxes piled up and many I haven't even taken a peek at what treasure await inside.
But this is my life, constantly moving:)
Everything will be loaded by Saturday Nite.
If you have any questions on auction items, I will do my best to try to get to a computer while up north, but truly feel free to give me a call on my cell phone: 414-732-3211
My cats are hams, they were having such a good time checking out the items while I was photographing them I thought I would share!!

News on our dogs:
Mr. Mugsy Magoo is going to his new home this trip to artist & friend Jill Marie Shulse. You can check her bio out here:
She has another older pug named Otis, so she is very familiar with the breed. Mr. Magoo has come a long way in just a few months!! Here are his before and after pics. He's looking a little worried about going to a new home, but I told him he would fine!!! There are more pictures if you back into the archives a few months. This poor guy was missing most of his hair, now it's thick and beautiful!!

"Bear" Now named Tonka is in Maine. He left me on Thursday and arrived safely on Saturday with a prospective family waiting to meet him. He is one I will never forget. In a very short time he stole my heart, I had to fight myself not to keep him. It's so easy to want to keep them all, but truly those of us that rescue want only the best for these animals and for them to have their own people is what is best, as hard as it is to let go sometimes.. These pics are from the pound he was at, he was so afraid he sat in the drain with all the yuck!!! Needless to say he didn't smell too good when I brought him home.
It's amazing the change that occurs in such a short time. Their eyes tell it all..

We have some new Spitz/mix pups, aren't they cute!!
1 male, 1 female, approximately 3 months old.
It's getting cold here, my heart breaks when the weather changes, our pounds are quite cold in the winter, so much so that the water dishes freeze. If the cold doesn't get them they are put to sleep. I always worry for the little ones..

Last but not least: "Ruby" she is a 1-2 year old female Bassett Hound.
Sweet as can be, she was given up because she was jumping on the little kids and knocking them over.
If you're interested in a loving girl let me know!!

Off to bed, I've got a busy day tomorrow..
Thanks so much for reading and again sorry for the delay in the auction..
Just found your site through Farm Girl Fare. I see you work with a lot of Milwaukee & Wisconsin groups - I live in Milwaukee.
Keep up the good work.
OMG!! Mr. Magoo dosn't even look like the same dog!! He looks beautiful! I am so happy you found a good home for him.

I put your rescue on my Christmas newsletter as my wish list, hopefully it will generate some donations.

btw, I have listed aplacetobark in my website links.

take care Bernie
good luck with the auction
I am so glad you are always helping and doing so much...

(Pssst... Keep me in mind too- I would love to make something to help raise money for the animals...)

Just a thought!

Jane Wynn
Poor Ruby. Her people were badly untrained.
The people who don't manage their dog's training and then get rid of their dog because the dog jumps on the kids, or takes food, or whatever, need to spend a week in a pound, and then be spayed or neutered. I'm always amazed by people who expect their dogs to know what to do without being taught.
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