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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Finally back to Tennessee...

I can't believe two weeks has gone by..
The transport went well. We arrived safe and sound and all the dogs were adopted!!!
Mr. Magoo (Mugsy) went to my friend Jill who has a Ten year old pug. It was the cutest meeting I've ever seen. They looked at each other and seemed to say.. Hey!! You're a pug!!! So am I!!
I have received reports they are doing GREAT and Mr. Magoo has new winter clothes and a new Christmas outfit.
Pictures coming soon..

Not only was it a road trip but it was a trip down memory lane..
A year in retrospection. My thoughts of all the animals that have come thru our doors and touched our lives...
348 dogs and about 60+ cats. More than I ever thought we could do.
It's been exhausting but also rewarding.
Many of our adopters keep in touch with us, especially during the Christmas season, when the cards, notes and updates come.
Here are a few to share that will make you smile:)
This is Foxy and Bosco. They were adopted both from us about a year apart. Their mom and dad spoil them rotten but they so deserve it. Bosco was found stray in Milwaukee, emaciated,matted to the skin and was an older dog. Foxy came out of a puppy mill/hoarding situation 60+ dogs in a house, none housebroken, ick.. You can only imagine.
They look fabulous now.. A true rags to riches story...

My next story is about an outstanding child who is wise beyond her years and could teach a few adults lessons in love..
If you go back in my blog archives you'll see a story about "Pinky" a little Chihuahua/mix who was left in a yard with 3 other dogs for a month with no food or water. The neighbors were giving them a little here and there, before animal control came to get them. All four ended up here and we were waiting for them to gain some weight before we had them fixed and the two females had puppies. Pinky was very codependent, looking for any little bit of love she could get from anyone. She had six healthy pups. Her puppies are now ready for adoption. The little girl's name in this story is Mykayla. She is 5. Her and her mom volunteer time at their local shelter. The family was looking for a puppy of their own this Christmas. They came to look at the pups we had. Pinky was shown first and then she went to look at the puppies. Their were 12 different ones, from different litters that we had. She played with them and then looked at her mom and asked to see Pinky again. Pinky crawled up in her lap and just nuzzled her neck as if this was her person.
Well.. It was!! Mykayla looked at her mom and said momma..
I want the momma, the pups will find homes but this mom may not.
I applaud the parents for teaching her to love and respect the animals at such a young age.
Her mom keeps asking her what she would like for Christmas.. and she just wants some treats and clothes for Pinky:)
No toys or anything else for herself. Angels do walk among us, even as children..

More Christmas stories to come..
News on the auction and updates tomorrow.
Till then..
A beautiful story about the 2 little ones being adopted together.

Oh and the Pinky happy ending just tugged at my heart today.

Love and hugs to you Bernie for all you do for this precious furbabies.
I've been reading for awhile but I haven't left a comment. I was at work today reading your blog and I started crying. Like a baby. I appreciate what you do and do not know how you do it. I really would be a mess walking through the pound knowing I can only save a handful. Thank you for what you do.

I spent $150 one a feral cat to get him fixed and medicated only to release him back into the wild. People thought I was nuts.
From an animal lover, Jane
That last photo is absolutely priceless. What a wonderful success story. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us, Bernie. And, of course, thank you for all of the amazing things you do. I can never visit your blog without crying, but they're the good kind of tears, and we can all use a good eyeball washing, now can't we? : )
I love this story. Makes me teary-eyed and happy!!
Brought tears to my eyes. Admirable little girl. Thank God for her.
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