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Saturday, December 02, 2006
Link and auction update..

This is my first time listing on e-bay and of course I made quite the mess of it..
Thank goodness for e-bay's live chat. My rep helped me out and now I just need to reload everything. Eeek!!
By tomorrow nite it should all be up. For some reason the pieces I had thought were to go up automatically have been showing up at strange times. But hey.. I'm looking at the bright side, I'm learning e-bay and so next time it will be easier!!
(I hope:)

Here is the link to the auction!

Please share it with everyone you can, we are struggling with our vet bills and operating expenses.
It's for a good cause, you get to see and read about the lives you are helping to save and you get an awesome piece of art for your donation.

I was scheduled to leave for Chicago to transport last Thursday, but the shelter manager called me to warn me about the snow storm headed that way. I decided it was better to wait till this upcoming week than to take a chance and get stranded with almost 30 dogs. Glad I thought about it, Chicago got hammered with snow.. Brrrrrrr.....
I'm not sure if these dogs will be thankful I saved their lives or growl at me for taking them to the frigid north.. ((giggles))
So glad to see you have e-bay on-side now. What amazing art so far!
Bernie - I hope you'll post notices on your Yahoo Groups to let everyone know about the auction. I'd like to see you have the best possible response!

Good luck,
Lyn Randolph
Hi Bernie,
I checked out the art auction on ebay--is everything up yet? I sent you a few things, but didn't see them on there...?
Well anyway...
Good Luck!!
You may know this gal, Rnde Hanson, but check out this piece she did with eggs:
Wow! I just check out your auction, and it is wonderful. A great cause, too. Coincidentally, I just listed my first charity auction, today, too! We'll see how it goes...
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