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Saturday, December 16, 2006
New Faces..

So many new faces looking for homes.
It gets to me, especially over the holiday season...
I was at the pound the other day to see some dogs that I was called on.
As I passed the pens, there was one group that spoke to my heart and I couldn't sleep that nite.
They were scheduled to be put down the next morning.
I thought about them all nite and called first thing in the morning to keep them from being put down.
Here they are. The pictures are at the pound and then at my house.
I haven't thought of names yet, (suggestions are welcome!!)
the mom is the Brown one.
She isn't much older than a year and a half with some hard miles.
Her pups, the three with her are about 5 months old.
They are my Christmas gifts that I hope to share with some loving family.

Life is so precious and so taken for granted.
It gets to me almost every day that I look into the eyes of these animals. It is people that have failed them.
We are their care takers. If people don't fix their animals, properly train and care for them, they end up in places where they are put to sleep. The needless killing I pray will stop someday..
My heart cries every time I see a mothers with their puppies at the pound or the pregnant moms that I know with one injection many lives end at that very moment.
The old ones, the abused, I guess every single one that I pass, speak to and make eye contact will forever live on in my memory.
I continue on because of the successes, but truly sometimes it gets to me and eats me up, especially on days that I have to leave so many good dogs behind.
I am only one person and can only do so much, even though most times I'm extending myself, both physically, emotionally and financially. I don't mind ever.. I just wonder sometimes about how we can make change happen faster.
It feels like a sinking ship that you try to bail with a teaspoon.
There are so many of us doing rescue and yet it never seems as if we are enough..

I try to focus on the good..
Because of you my friends and animals lovers I have done more than I could have ever dreamed of!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart.. It's because of you I succeed and that the animals live on:)

We have many cats and kittens available for adoption so if you are looking let me know and I'll get some pictures up.
Here are some more of the sweet faces looking for homes!!
This is "Frankie" a male Daschund who needs to go to a seasoned Doxie home.
No children and someone that will help bring him out of his shy self.

This is sweet and handsome "Morris" Approximately a 6 months old, male and going to be a nice, fluffy big guy.
We're guessing Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix.

And of course our darling "Ruby" approximately 2 years of age, female and loves kids.
She will need a little training, she likes to jump up, but is very loving!!

This is a new little guy who came in. Unsocialized, living on a farm, he is scared of everything. We're guessing he is a Catahoula/mix. Male and about 10-12 weeks of age. He will be a big guy when he grows up. It will take some time but we're sure with some much needed exposure to people and other dog, he'll be fine!!

Have a Great Day!!!

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